let the children play
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Wouldn't you just love to know what his plan is?
let the children play
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What a wonderful way to share the stages of block play with families!
let the children play
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Did you know that the humble stick takes pride of place in the Toy Hall of Fame? And no wonder - sticks are one of nature's wonderfully open ended materials and a must for any loose part collection.
let the children play
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Rope - high on my list of "must have" loose parts.
let the children play
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Let the children fly!
let the children play
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These are some mighty fine goals for preschool:

"My goals for the children who attend my play school have absolutely nothing to do with letters and numbers, yet they have EVERYTHING to do with future success.

My goals are: empowerment, confident problem solving skills, self-motivation, innovation, perseverance, the ability to work with others, self-regulation, compassion and sheer JOY in...
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let the children play
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Out and about this week at Oac Campuses, and loving the secret gardens and flourishing veggie patches I've been spying!
let the children play
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Magda Gerber called them passive toys. Passive toys come alive in the hands and the minds of children. Passive toys = active learners!
let the children play
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Play - it can be a messy business!

"Alison Gopnik, in her book The Gardener and the Carpenter, muses that children are designed to explore and that “the messiness of children makes a special contribution to human evolvability.” (p. 31-32) "
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The Beauty and Chaos of Free Play

Head on over to SenatorDavidLeyonhjelm's Facebook page to respond to his worrying public comments regarding child care this week - comments that fly in the face of current, evidence based research.
A positive way to respond to Senator David Leyonhjelm's ignorant and antiquated comments.
Nothing beats the good old cardboard box! In the hands and minds of a child, this assemblage of cardboard comes alive.
A glimpse into another new centre, this one from across the pond in New Zealand. The cubby houses are amazing!
I love how the set up of this new centre includes a healthy dose of furnishings and resources that aren't straight out of an educational catalogue.
I love this idea!
Oh my - a yurt!
This is a wonderful way to explain to parents that their child won't always be bringing home work from preschool.
Now here is a centre that values loose parts!
What better?
Oh my!