let the children play
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You may see a pile of junk - a child see's possibility. When we look at play spaces through an adult lens, and create them to respond to adult eyes we are not benefiting the children. What do children really want in their outdoor spaces? High on the list is loose parts!
let the children play
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Little bit in love with this water table.
let the children play
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"As educators, we see these wonderful and significant moments and celebrate them with our hearts and our minds. We foster them by creating uninterrupted time and inviting spaces for engagement to be nurtured each day. Our role is also to notice, record, model and offer words of encouragement as these interactions develop." - A beautiful glimpse into the nursery world at Compass Early Learning...
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Engaging Our Hearts and Minds - Compass

let the children play
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Thank you to Nicola, who sent through these images of the outdoor learning environments at Lecropt Nursery & Bridge of Allan Out of School Care
let the children play
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Thank you to Jess for sharing this sensory board with us all.
let the children play
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Looking for ideas on how to "home-ify" your learning spaces?
let the children play
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Some wonderfully wise words from Janet Lansbury of Janet Lansbury - Elevating Child Care
let the children play
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This is the kind of early childhood environment that make my heart sing.
let the children play
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Respectful care - it's only fair!
Some loose parts wonderfulness!
What a warm, welcoming and inviting environment!
Oh gosh - they do do some amazing things in New Zealand :)
Karana Early Education Centre - Eskay Kids milk crate towers posted below bought back some very found memories from my time with some very avid milk crate builders at Kinma Preschool:

outdoor play: when benefits outweigh the risks

Have milk crates...will build. And climb!
Children as storytellers.
How's this for a beautiful family day care environment?
Little tiny bit in love with this climbing cube.
These environments look beautiful - I love the mix of the textures and little touches.
If we believe that babies are amazing learners and intrepid explorers of their world, then doesn't it make perfect sense to resource our nursery and toddler rooms with materials that spark curiosity, ignite the imagination, encourage exploration and can be used in a myriad of different ways?

Passive toys make active learners