Lexus South Africa
02/24/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
The lexus badge of honour. Our F Sport badge represents the pinnacle of Lexus power and performance.
Lexus South Africa
02/23/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
Make a bold statement with the RC 350 F SPORT.
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Lexus South Africa
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King of the urban jungle. #LexusLife
Lexus South Africa
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Turn your dream of driving the ES 250 into a reality with #FutureDrive. View our flexible monthly payment options and more: [ Link ]
Lexus South Africa
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Download the My Lexus app to view your transactions and more.
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The most anticipated car release of the year. #NeedForSpeed
The urban legend.
Introducing the improved LS 460 with heated steering, which is built in 67 stages.
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Complement your style with the all new LS 460 coming out in 2018. #LexusLife
The RC 350 F SPORT is the perfect date, wouldn’t you agree? #ValentinesDay
Undoubtedly fast but never furious, the jaw dropping IS 350 F SPORT. Get it today with #FutureDrive our comprehensive finance option: [ Link ]
Which Recording Academy / GRAMMYs nominated artist would you listen to in the 19 speaker surround system of the LX 570? #Grammys2017
Our humanistic design philosophy is best expressed through our LF-FC concept. Which sci-fi film would best suit the gorgeous LF-FC?
Paint the town red in the fiery RC 200t.
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With my mind on my money and money on my mind. View our #FutureDrive finance option to get the best deals for buying your dream Lexus.
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Light it up in the bold new IS 350 F SPORT.
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The LS 460 is the custodian of Lexus innovation with its award winning Nano-E climate control system.
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Be bold or italic but never regular, because dressing is an art. #LexusSAMW
Everyday is a fashion show when the world is your runway. Conquer life with the all new IS 350 F SPORT. #LexusSAMW
The perfect co-star to your epic life … The RC 350 F SPORT. #LexusLife
Money talks but charm doesn’t have to. Book your tickets now to experience top class fashion designs in Menswear.
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