Lexus South Africa
03/24/2017 at 11:31. Facebook
Meticulous craft and a passion for luxury encompass the Shimamoku process.
Lexus South Africa
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Turbocharged engine ✔
Sleek Design ✔
Living the high life ✔
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Lexus South Africa
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Reward yourself, you’ve earned it. Book a test drive in the IS 350 F Sport on the My Lexus app:
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Lexus South Africa
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Precision and performance are the signature marques of Lexus F Sport vehicles.
Luxury is in the details.
Take a glance at the new Kinetic seats which made their debut along with the UX concept car.
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Smooth jazz music and the luxurious NX 200T F Sport are the perfect combination. Who’s going to Cape Town International Jazz Festival this year?
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Imperial Lexus Nelspruit has been named 2016 Lexus Dealer of the year! Please join us in congratulating them on their fantastic achievement and their commitment to ensuring that we all Experience Amazing.
Introducing the #LexusSKYJET, a 28th century craft designed with Luc Besson for 2017’s epic Valerian.
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The ES 250 EX is all about craftsmanship that inspires with 10 way electronically adjustable embossed leather seats.
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“I got a dream to see my whole team in Lexus Coupes” – Tupac.
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Success is a journey not a destination.
Focus on the road to success in the RX 450h with its state-of-the-art EMV system.