Which Sunday Night Movie will you be watching this Sunday: London Has Fallen, Eddie the Eagle or Macbeth? Why not experience them instead of just watching, with #LGSuperUHD?
Your fridge runs 24/7 all year round meaning you can never switch it off. So, how does the new P-VEYRON refrigerator save your energy bill? The secret is in the technology. Watch this:
Minimises noise, maximises efficiency, and look stunning doing it. The new LG P-VEYRON range coming soon…
Have you ever counted how many times a day you open your fridge? 20 or maybe 30 times? Every time you open it, cold air escapes. Here's how you can beat the system with the new P-VEYRON fridge:
Here’s to new partnerships to make more South Africans smile! For more than 20 years we’ve been in SA’s homes. Now, we’ve teamed up with Smile Foundation as our way of giving back to South African communities. ✌ .
A new way of life for your fresh goods. The new LG P-VEYRON range coming soon…
Easy access to family favorites. The new LG P-VEYRON range coming soon…
If we’re going to do our bit, we’ll have to be smart about it. Let’s start with smart appliances. [ Spr.ly Link ]. #WorldWaterDay
The #LGInverter air conditioner, for T-shirt weather all year round.
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A slim frame that can hold a whole lot more. The new LG P-VEYRON refrigerator coming soon…
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“Smaller monitors make for a more intimate experience,” said no gamer… ever.
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LG’s OLED TV range takes center stage at the Innofest 2017 event, says @Gearburn. Read more: [ Spr.ly Link ]

LG Innofest 2017: TVs, TVs everywhere

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Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like. The UltraWide monitor will do the rest.
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TV without the latest 4K OLED technology is a chilling thought.
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Minimalism is an appreciation of space. The new LG P-VEYRON refrigerator coming soon…
Working on a Saturday? Use the UltraWide monitor’s split screen to keep an eye on the rugby score while you’re at it!
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Enjoy Super Rugby Fridays with the 4K OLED TV. This time, it’s Sharks versus Waratahs. Send us your score predictions! #SuperBru
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