What's a music festival without your trusted V20 capturing all the magic? With the Wide-Angle camera, you can make sure your whole squad (and the stage too!) get in on the action. Ready, set and snap! #V20PlayMore
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Something's brewing here, fam… Get ready to #ShotofYourLife.
LG Mobile South Africa
02/24/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
Create your own epic Oscar selfie moment! With the LG V20's Wide-Angle selfie cam, you can get your crew in on the fun. #V20PlayMore

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LG Mobile South Africa
02/22/2017 at 14:59. Facebook
LG Mobile South Africa
02/22/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Stylus 2 is so much more than just a pretty face. Here’s why it’s about to be the most practical thing in your life #Stylus2Create
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LG - LGK520K Stylus 2 Mobile Phone with Stylus Pen | LG ZA

LG Mobile South Africa
02/21/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
Start ticking off items on your bucket list and take in the beautiful sites of South Africa one place at a time. #K10Goals

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LG Mobile South Africa
02/20/2017 at 11:09. Facebook
Level up your videography with dynamic sound. ZenoPetersen shares some awesome tips on how to capture the best quality using the V20. .

✔ Get close to the source of the sound.
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LG Mobile South Africa
02/19/2017 at 08:01. Facebook
Get the most out of your V20 with ZenoPetersen handy tips on how to get the best audio quality when recording (relevant emojis):
✔Get close to the source of the sound
✔Avoid background noise
✔Set mic to record source of sound
✔Set directionality of sound"

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Are you ready to up your selfie game? #ShotOfYourLife
Are you ready to up your selfie game? #ShotOfYourLife
Congratulations Lungani S'thabiso Ndawonde on winning yourself the impressive LG 360 cam. Get ready to experience #360degrees of the good life.

Thank you to everyone who took park in the Valentine’s Day competition. We wish you a happy month of love!
Get the trendy Stylus 2 from MTN South Africa for just R189 p/m x 24 and we will throw in a FREE pair of Skullcandy headphones, to sweeten the deal.[ Spr.ly Link ] #Stylus2Create
Record your own love story in high definition with the Steady Record 2.0, and replay those special moments on your V20 anywhere, anytime. What would the title of your love story be? Tell us in the comment. [ Bit.ly Link ] #V20PlayMore
We'd like to hear what love means to you this Valentine's Day. Complete this sentence, "Falling in love is like…" ❤
The V20's Hi-Fi Quad DAC reduces the background noise so that you can enjoy your favourite slow jams as they were meant to be heard. Which love songs will you be playing for your Bae this Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments.[ Bit.ly Link ] #V20PlayMore
Check out 5 Tips to make the LG V20 even greater via Liron Segev- The Techie Guy [ Spr.ly Link ]

How to fix the inaccurate LG V20 complaints and 5 tips to make the LG V20 even greater -

Enjoy #360degrees of happiness during this month of love. We are giving you one last chance to enter and stand a chance to win an LG 360 cam worth R3699. ❤

Guess the answer by looking at the image to find the correct item.
Here’s the clue:

The most popular sweet treat given on valentine's day.

Found it? Now, comment with a screen shot of it and you could be a winner!
Congratulations, Tara! You've aced the clues and won an amazing 360 cam. We hope you are ready to capture #360degrees of happiness, all year long.

There's one more 360 cam up for grabs before Valentine's Day arrives. Watch this space!
With Valentine's Day around the corner, can you remember the first time you fell in love? Share your love story in the comments. [ Spr.ly Link ] #Stylus2Create
You're always looking for a shot more awesome than the last. Here's a deal from MTN South Africa to boost your game:
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