LG UK – Life’s Good
02/17/2017 at 16:58. Facebook
We pride ourselves on beautiful design here at LG, but only when it lasts. The LG CentumSystem™ washing machines are scratch and corrosion proof. Not just a pretty face, you know!

LG CentumSystem™ Washing Machine

LG UK – Life’s Good
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Yes, it really is a television.

LG UK – Life’s Good
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Are you ready for a whole new viewing experience?
We are...The LG G6 and LG UX 6.0 are coming - stay tuned.

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LG UK – Life’s Good
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Match the unbelievable picture quality of an LG OLED TV, with the incredible sound quality and versatility of a super-smart sound bar*?

Don't mind if we do...

*Terms and conditions apply

FREE SH7 Smart Soundbar when bought with LG C6 or B6

Perfect black creates perfect colour.
Experience television like never before with LG OLED TV.


LG OLED TV | 4K Ultra Slim OLED TVs

Unleash the big screen you can fit in your hand!
Meet the #LGG6, the next generation smartphone.
February 26
Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona, Spain

#SaveTheDate #MWC2017
*Invitation only

Bringing perfection to life.
A whole new world...
LG’s Door-in-Door™ offers a huge 601 litres capacity thanks to it's advanced slim frame design – offering 9% more interior space!
The innovative, easy access design ensures your fridge is easy to organise with smarter storage. You won’t be disappointed.

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Why do boilers always choose the winter to break?! And how brilliant does it feel when a pro comes round to fix it?
Show your central heating hero the appreciation they deserve by voting for them in the 2017 Heating Installer Awards.

LG are proud to be sponsoring the awards, celebrating the nation's best plumbers and installers. [ Spr.ly Link ]
LG SIGNATURE - the art of essence.

Stronger | Smarter | Faster | Longer
LG’s Centum System™ is state-of-the-art technology that reduces noise and vibrations – so your washing machine will be more durable and last longer.

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Deal alert! Get 3 months of the latest and greatest TV shows for just £3 on NOW TV. Hurry – offer ends 7th February.

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LG’s CentumSystem™ is state-of-the-art technology that minimises noise and vibrations - so you won’t need to leave your kitchen to get some peace while washing your clothes. And with TurboWash™ technology and 6 Motion Direct Drive, your clothes will be cleaner and fresher as well. Learn more: [ Spr.ly Link ]
Missed an episode of season 4 of Sherlock? Not to worry! Catch up with Holmes, Watson and arch-nemesis Moriarty on your smart TV via BBC iPlayer now. You don’t have to wear a deerstalker while watching. It’s just that we do.
LG are proud to be sponsoring the 2017 Heating Installer Awards., celebrating the nation's best plumbers and installers.
Do you know a superstar plumber or central heating ninja? Spread the love and click the link to nominate your central heating hero!

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Prepare to have your weekend supercharged: we’re offering two months of Sky Cinema, through NOW TV, for a FIVER. Five quid for the latest blockbusters, a new premiere every day and a movie library of over a thousand titles, straight to your smart device, console or smart TV. Head to [ Spr.ly Link ]
Offer ends 31st Jan.
Can’t decide whether to work or play? With an LG UltraWideTM monitor you can do both. Use Split Screen or PIP Mode to display multiple programmes on one huge screen!
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Let sleeping dogs lie… LG Centum System™ washing machines feature state-of-the-art damping systems and vibration insulator technology to minimise noise and vibrations! Find out more here: [ Spr.ly Link ]
When the dinner party guests have tired of the Vivaldi and want floor fillers: the LG P5 Smart Hi-Fi Audio Bluetooth speaker. Find out more: [ Lg.com Link ]