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LG UK – Life’s Good
01/17/2017 at 17:01. Facebook
Let sleeping dogs lie… LG Centum System™ washing machines feature state-of-the-art damping systems and vibration insulator technology to minimise noise and vibrations! Find out more here: [ Spr.ly Link ]
LG UK – Life’s Good
01/14/2017 at 17:30. Facebook
When the dinner party guests have tired of the Vivaldi and want floor fillers: the LG P5 Smart Hi-Fi Audio Bluetooth speaker. Find out more: [ Lg.com Link ]
LG UK – Life’s Good
01/13/2017 at 14:46. Facebook
Showcase flagship LG OLED W TV [✔] Minds blown at CES [✔] Taking home all the awards we can carry [✔].
We think it’s a pretty good start to the year!

#FlashbackFriday #LGatCES
Prepare to have your Friday supercharged: we’re offering two months of Sky Cinema, through NOW TV, for a FIVER. Five quid for the latest blockbusters, a new premiere every day and a movie library of over a thousand titles, straight to your smart device, console or smart TV. Head to [ Spr.ly Link ]

Offer ends 31st Jan.
Keep your tomatoes in the fridge? Don’t: they lose their flavour in the cold…
But there are lots of fruit and veg you should keep in a fridge, and LG’s Pure N Fresh Filter will ensure they stay fresher for longer.

Find out more: [ Lg.com Link ]
Feast your eyes on this

Check out tech YouTuber SuperSaf unboxing the LG 38" Curved 21:9 UltraWide™ Monitor!

Find yours here:
Just in case you missed us...
LG at CES 2017 - Innovation for a Better Life.

Dare we say that this is the coolest thing at #CES2017? Our Door-in-Door fridges just scooped a CES Innovation award, thanks in part to their ColdSaver Panel, which allows you to knock twice to see what’s in the fridge, avoiding wasting cold air when you fancy a snack. It doesn’t just look amazing – it helps save energy and reduces food waste by keeping your produce fresher for longer.

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We’re halfway through @CES 2017 and we’ve gone robot MAD. Our Hub Robot uses Amazon’s Alexa voice-recognition tech to relieve you of mundane household jobs and connect to your smarthome so you know who’s home, who’s out and even what’s in the fridge. Prepare to fall in love with a robot...

We’re very excited to be at #CES2017, where we’ve announced three new Nano Cell, Super UHD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show. Each TV in the range takes LCD TV to new highs, from a wider, more accurate colour gamut to broader viewing angles and improved ULTRA Luminance technology to deliver brighter, crisper image highlights. Prepare to give your eyeballs the ultimate treat. #LGatCES
The coolest thing at CES 2017, the coolest thing in America, or the coolest thing on planet Earth? Our OLED Tunnel is made of 216 55in curved LG OLED TVs, and has been giving CES-goers an idea of what being immersed in the future of TV is really like. A 15-metre tunnel of top-flight telly, including a view of the Northern Lights captured by 14 8K cameras – the next best thing to being there....
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Did you miss this at CES? Here are some amazing facts about the flagship LG SIGNATURE OLED W (wallpaper) TV!
- 65-inch, 2.57mm-thin LCD panel
- Wall-mountable using MAGNETS
- Unlimited contrast and perfect blacks
- Active HDR means more details in scenes with extreme contrast.
And did we mention it’s the world’s first Dolby Atmos-compatible TV, with its up-firing speakers delivering immersive...
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Window into another world - LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W
Find out more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#LGatCES #CES2017

LG’s new flagship 4K OLED TV is stunningly thin

Tune in to view the LG Press Conference at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas today at 4.00pm GMT [8.00am PST, US time].

The LG Press Conference can also be viewed remotely via the LG Global YouTube Live-stream here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#LGatCES #CES2017
Don’t let January get you down: with an LG LOUDR FH6 speaker you can party by streaming your tunes via Bluetooth - and add loads of colour with 64 different speaker driver light combinations! Find out more: [ Lg.com Link ]
Resolve to make your TV viewing sharper, brighter and better in 2017: check out the stunning range of LG OLED Ultra HD TVs! Find out more here: [ Lg.com Link ]
Happy New Year! Your resolutions for 2017:
•Spend more time exercising
•Write the book you’ve always meant to
•Master the art of making souffles
•Buy an LG OLED TV. Seriously, have you seen how amazing they are?
•Run a marathon
•Okay, a half-marathon
•Hmmm, let’s keep it real. Run 10k. With a few stops
•Get a new job. A better job. Doing something you really want to do
•Visit at least one new...
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Happy New Year from all at LG! What exciting things are you planning for 2017?
Guess the film! It’s a seasonal classic… make sure all your family are present to watch it. Anyone missing?