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A long line of people waiting to get into "The Outrage," which is selling merch in partnership with the Women's March on Washington.

A man in a Trump shirt just walked by and shook his finger in several people's faces and laughed.
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Trump told his supporters that they won't be forgotten anymore and promised to unify the country.

Scenes from the Trump inauguration welcome concert
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The right-wing preacher blasted HIghlights because of its "support for the sin of homosexuality among kids.”

Pastor Kevin Swanson: 'Highlights' magazine is no better than ISIS
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Live at the Make America Great Again Welcome Concert.
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Donald Trump appears onstage with Melania.
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β€ͺThe campaign may be over but this shirt is still making the rounds.
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He is believed to be at the top of the list of Trump's potential candidates.

Trump meets with SCOTUS candidate who compared being gay with pedophilia, incest
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Seen at the Make America Great Again Welcome Concert.
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John Voight speaking at the Welcome Concert.
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A proposal barring transgender people in Texas from using the bathroom of their choice is unequivocally bad for business, a powerful state Republican legislator said.

Texas House speaker pans bathroom bill & exposes GOP divide on trans rights
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After State Rep. Janne Myrdal posted an anti-LGBTQ article, she claimed she didn't know that image would show up on Facebook.

North Dakota state senator posts Pride flag with swastika on Facebook
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This polar bear has a message for Donald J. Trump.
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The progress made under Obama for LGBTQ equality will likely go down as one of his greatest achievements.

President Obama looks back on his LGBTQ legacy in final press conference
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In an exclusive interview, Clinton's go-to person on LGBT issues talks about what the community should do after Trump is inaugurated.

Hillary Clinton’s LGBT Outreach Coordinator: Now is not the time to keep quiet
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Trump supporters like to point out that their president-elect isn't going to be terrible on LGBT issues. Trump's appointees and policy positions say otherwise.

Donald Trump's top 10 anti-LGBTQ comments
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The state has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to boycotts over the discriminatory law.

UNC president: We're having problems filling jobs because of new anti-LGBT law
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The bill would ban classes on topics such as the causes of the civil war and ban any events that have a racial component, such as a Mexican Independence Day celebration.

AZ lawmaker withdraws controversial bill after he becomes national laughingstock