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But without government, who would pay £25,000 for a sign to let people know that that the sign itself isn’t currently in use?

RESIDENTS’ FURY as council wastes £25,000 on ‘pointless’ sign
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One of our Liberal Democrats councillors, standing up for openness in government. Gets sacked!

Councillor sacked
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Australia is the third most expensive place in the world to get hammered, according to a new report by Bloomberg.

That's right after Japan and the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

End the 'War on Fun' now!

These Are the World’s Cheapest Places to Buy Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarettes
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The Liberal Democrats believe that all countries have the right to self-determination.

This includes the United Kingdom.

Happy independence #GoHard
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"But how much should we subsidise teaching them algebra and Swahili while they're in childcare that's the question".

Based Senator David Leyonhjelm talks about the Burqa, Rod Culleton, company tax and childcare with Tom Connell on AM Agenda
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Section 18C isn't the only free speech killer out there.

Senator David Leyonhjelm wrote an article in The Australian today on other pieces of legislation that are just as oppressive.

Check it out here:

These speech laws insult us
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It’s a sad indictment on the state of freedom in Australia that something like access to fishing spots is a political issue.

Of course the Liberal Democrats will defend your right to fish but the libertarian within us is sad that we have to…

Politics should be about the big picture stuff like infrastructure and essential services and not what you do on the weekend for fun.
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Set your reminders!

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Do you have pets?

Pets get a bad rap in Australia.

Ever increasing restrictions mean that it’s getting harder to find a place where you can keep a pet without being hassled.

Some councils are even sending rangers to knock on your door and fine you if you don’t pay rego for your pets.

Share this post if you believe you and your pets should be left alone.

A Melbourne dog owner says she would rather go to jail than pay a “ludicrous” $311 fine
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Feel like having a well earned #SundaySesh with your mates?

Go for it! Just make sure you don't let the Taxman near your liquor.
Let's talk tax.

Australia is one of the highest taxing countries in the world.

Here's our plan for REAL jobs and growth:

More here [ Link ]
We believe the government should provide medical funding to citizens not hospitals. And hospitals should be fully privatised.
If you thought the thirsty Taxman helping himself to your beer was bad, make sure you don't let him near your Rum & Coke.

In Australia, the taxes on alcopops are so high that people buy straight spirits instead of the pre-made drinks with a lower alcohol content, totally negating the intended outcome of the alcopop tax.

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It looks as though the Nanny State mentality is spreading overseas too.

Here's an excerpt from Reason Magazine highlighting how excessive regulation is changing people's lives in the English countryside:

"Churches whose bells have tolled for over a century are now being slapped with "noise abatement notices" because their bells are judged too loud. A church bell in Hertfordshire which had...
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England's Creeping Nanny State
Here's a story that truly touched our hearts.

It's about two soldiers, one's a US Army interpreter and the other's an Iraqi solider.

They fell in love during the Iraq war and after 12 years of fighting terrorists abroad and bureaucrats at home, they managed to start a life together.

It's another reminder of how we should reject the politics of race-baiting and hate in Australia and...
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Falling in love in wartime Iraq - BBC News
The Australian Taxman is a thirsty bastard.

Australia has some of the highest taxes on beer in the world. In fact, for every five cans of beer you purchase, two of those cans are slammed down by the Taxman.

Like and share this post if you think the Taxman needs to back off.
People have been contacting us all day to learn more about Australia's child care crisis.

This video helps explain some of the issues.