In this radio interview, Senator David Leyonhjelm talks about the ridiculous ban on Outlast 2.

While the rest of the world treats video gamers and developers like adults, we treat ours’ with contempt and suspicion.

Is a man not allowed to play a video game?

Senator Leyonhjelm talks about the ridiculous ban on Outlast 2. While the rest of the world treats video gamers and developers like adults, we treat ours’ wi...

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We are proud to announce that Senator David Leyonhjelm has forced the government to end taxpayer funded child care subsidies for families with incomes over $350,000.

Cutting middle class welfare is an important first step in repairing the budget and ensuring that your tax dollars do not go towards high income earners.

Give this post a like and a share if you believe welfare should only be...
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BREAKING: Leyonhjelm ends childcare handouts for the rich
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Senator David Leyonhjelm was just one of 6 Senators who voted to forego pay rises until the government delivered a surplus.

Every single Liberal, Labor and Greens Senator voted against the motion to freeze their pay. Every single one of them should feel ashamed.

Senators vote against freeze on their pay
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How is it that adults are not trusted to make choices about video games, and yet they are allowed to vote?

VIDEO: David Leyonhjelm channels the White Wolf to attack ban on sale of Outlast 2 in Australia
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We don't believe politicians should get a pay rise when there is a budget crisis.

That's why Senator David Leyonhjelm will vote on a motion to freeze his pay until the government delivers a surplus.

Senators plan no pay rise before surplus – david.leyonhjelm
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Move over Banjo Paterson.

Australia has a new great poet.

Here's David Leyonhjelm and the Barren Field of F#cks.
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Why do nanny-statists want to take your money by imposing sugar taxes?

Is it because they want to save you from yourself? Or do they want to raise revenue? We think it's the latter given the fact that sugar consumption has decreased in Australia.

"Data from the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) reveals that Australia’s per-capita sugar intake has dropped from 152g a day in 1980 to...
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Sweet Lies & Bitter Truths - Is a sugar tax really the solution to our obesity problem?
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Since cannabis was made illegal, our courts and prisons have been filled with people whose only crime was to grow, sell or consume something that the government doesn't like.

This needs to stop.

We believe cannabis should be legalised for all uses in Australia immediately. But we need your help at state levels to make this a reality.

If you live in Victoria and want to join our campaign to...
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Legalise it!
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Well done to the organisers of this event in Melbourne. A little civil disobedience to highlight the absurdity of our bicycle helmet laws.
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The Times They Are a-Changin'. Now more than ever represents an opportunity for new voices and new ideas in Australian politics. What part will you play?

EXTRACT: "The 25 per cent threshhold has been broken through three times since Federation.

Each was followed by massive political dislocation with political fault lines shifting and major parties crashing to oblivion, rising out of the...
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The Friedman Conference is on again this year in Sydney from April 28 to April 30. Those that love freedom should mark it on their calendar. Here is a speech from last year describing a terrifying yet inspirational escape from North Korea.

[ Link ]

Tickets: [ Link ]

Yeon-mi Park's Inspirational Friedman Conference Address

North Korean escapee, human rights activist, and best selling author Yeonmi Park details her experiences living in - and then fleeing from - the North Korean...

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Senator David Leyonhjelm has a newsflash for all of those people in Australia who contribute to the anti-trump hysteria.

Trump isn't listening to you.

The Donald isn’t listening anyway
The local government doesn't like his colour. Don't they have something more important to do like collecting the garbage?

'Why so blue?' Sydney council accused of bullying elderly man over house colour
Socialism is evil. But there are also other problems.

Socialism Requires a Dictator | Richard M. Ebeling
The Liberal Democrats support Senator Richard Di Natale's proposal to work fewer hours.

In fact, we encourage all members of the Greens to move to a four-day week. Or better yet, don't come to work at all.

We're confident this measure will result in less red tape, more freedom and even a reduction in smug emissions.

Greens pitch four-day week, death taxes and 'people's bank'
It was my pleasure to host a round-table today on the future of Australia's forestry industry.

Forestry plays an important role in our economy but it faces a number of challenges, namely from red tape and greens activists.

More info: [ Link ]
We're sorry Adele.

You shouldn't have to watch a literal adaptation of a horrible movie when you perform in Australia.

Liberal Democrats SA will do their best to turf out the current mob and fix South Australia's energy woes before your next visit.
A lot of members and supporters have been contacting us to find out if one of our candidates has been elected in WA.

While it looks likely, we are still going to wait until the final results are confirmed.

Thank you to all who supported us in the election!
Here's a shout-out to our candidates in WA who've put in a massive effort leading up to today's state election.

We want to thank each and every Liberal Democrats supporter who joined our online campaigns, volunteered, donated money, helped us register and voted for a Liberal Democrat.

With your support we can continue to fight for a freer society.
Liberal Democrats WA will offer West Australians a choice tomorrow.

You can either vote for high taxing and high spending parties that like to tell you how to live your life, or you can vote for a team that will hold the major parties to account and treat you like adults.