Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו in Sydney today.
Last night, the Senate voted to strengthen our reforms to Australia’s building industry.

We've now passed four key pieces of legislation to help everyday Australians needing protection from powerful union bosses.
The Talented Mr Bowen - Labor wants this person to be our nation's Treasurer!
Only the Liberals can be trusted to keep the lights on and power prices lower.
Bill Shorten = higher power bills and more blackouts
Then vs now - Bill Shorten as Assistant Treasurer in 2011:
“Cutting the company income tax rate increases domestic productivity and domestic investment. More capital means higher productivity and economic growth and leads to more jobs and higher wages.” (House of Representatives – 23 August 2011)
Bill Shorten used to believe in cutting the company tax rate - “Any student of Australian business and economic history since the mid-80s knows that part of Australia’s success was derived through the reduction in the company tax rate.” (Sky News - 13 March 2012)
The truth about Bill Shorten
Read Malcolm Turnbull's full speech on a better, safer and more prosperous Australia here: [ Link ]
In his latest round of political opportunism, Bill Shorten is complaining about 457 visas to foreign workers. However, when he was Workplace Relations Minister he granted record high numbers of 457 visas to nurses, carpenters, cooks, early childhood educators, electricians and car mechanics.
Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free - Happy Australia Day!
Congratulations Gladys Berejiklian. Our first Liberal female Premier! Look forward to continuing to work with you to deliver for the people of NSW.
The sea of pink at the SCG is an inspiring sight, a statement of support for women fighting breast cancer.
#mcgrathfoundation #pinktest
Wishing you and your family a safe and happy New Year – all the best for 2017
When Bill Shorten's Labor Party imposed the Carbon Tax, it sent power bills skyrocketing for Australian families and businesses.

We removed the Carbon Tax - Bill Shorten wants to bring it back.