Union bosses have a responsibility to put their members first, not themselves.

Today, we have introduced legislation to ban secret and corrupt payments between unions and employers. Read more: [ Lbr.al Link ]
Mr Shorten supports lower Sunday rates for big businesses with union agreements, but opposes flexibility for small businesses.

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Why does Mr Shorten think small businesses should pay more to hire on Sundays, than big companies with union agreements?

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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

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Mr Shorten thinks multinationals with union agreements should have more flexibility to hire on Sundays than small businesses.

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Whatever they say now, Shorten's Labor will give union bosses everything that they want.
Bill Shorten has no credibility, no integrity and no shame. Learn more at [ Protectourweekend.com Link ]
Our economy grew at 2.4 per cent in the 2016 calendar year.

Once again, Australia is growing faster than every G7 economy.
Bill Shorten will say or do anything depending on who he is trying to please.
Bill Shorten: straight out of la la land.
Will the real Bill Shorten please stand up?
Elaine Benes on Bill Shorten
As AWU boss, Mr Shorten stripped penalty rates from low paid workers.

As Workplace Relations Minister, it was Mr Shorten who established the Fair Work Commission's review of penalty rates. Read more: [ Lbr.al Link ]
Bill Shorten's system. Bill Shorten's decision. Bill Shorten's hypocrisy. Hear it for yourself.
It was MR SHORTEN who established the Fair Work Commission’s review of penalty rates. Labor even appointed the umpires.

Mr Shorten is a political opportunist.

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