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Hazel Allan
Liberal Victoria
Liberal Victoria
05/26/2017 at 04:35. Facebook
Stand with the CFA volunteers and sign the petition at [ Link ]
Stand with the CFA volunteers and sign the petition at
Rohan Colson
Liberal Victoria
Liberal Victoria
05/25/2017 at 07:49. Facebook
Share if you agree Daniel Andrews is failing the CFA and our Volunteers.
Share if you agree Daniel Andrews is failing the CFA and our Volunteers
Greg West
Mick Kershaw
Garry Robinson
Liberal Victoria
Liberal Victoria
05/24/2017 at 05:56. Facebook
NEW laws to give firefighters presumptive rights of cancer compensation will be tied to controversial changes to dismantle the CFA.
Liberal Victoria 05/24/2017

Fireys score cancer compo, lose CFA
Ida Aughton
David Hardy
Rob Leviston
Ken Simons
John Arnold
Noel Daly
This attempt by Daniel Andrews to rip apart the CFA will result in the loss of thousands of volunteer firefighters and that will put the lives and property of Victorians at risk.

I won't stand by and let this happen. I will fight for the rights of our CFA volunteers.
Liberal Victoria 05/20/2017
Gilly Bee
Steve Burrows
Allan Balcombe
Daniel Andrews consults with Don Nardella to assist him NOT pay back $76000 of his rorts.

At the same time he REFUSED to consult with volunteers on tearing apart the CFA.

Liberal Victoria 05/20/2017
JohnandBrenda Kelly
Irene Beatson
Robyn Houlahan
We believe that victims of violent crimes, critical incidents, road trauma or disasters should be given support to rebuild their lives as soon as possible. Not days, weeks or months after the event.

The Liberal Nationals will introduce a Victims Support Rapid Response Service to support victims and witnesses on the scene then and there.

Victims shouldn’t be left to fend for themselves in the...
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Liberal Victoria 05/19/2017
Phil Barrett
No warning. No consultation.

Daniel Andrews' decision to tear apart the CFA will put lives at risk.

Rather than end the crime wave sweeping our state, Daniel Andrews' priority is to smash up the CFA - priorities of an out of touch Premier.
Liberal Victoria 05/19/2017
Wendy Schlink
Ida Aughton
Sid De Beer
Under Daniel Andrews there are now 33 fewer PSOs on duty as of March this year.

Commuters need to know they can get home safely – that’s why the Liberal Nationals introduced PSOs to our train stations.

Share if you think we should have more PSOs protecting us at train stations, not fewer.
Liberal Victoria 05/17/2017
A shopping centre in Melbourne's south east has been placed into lockdown after an incident on Tuesday afternoon.
Liberal Victoria 05/16/2017

Shopping centre 'in lockdown' after armed robbery
Ida Aughton
Isy Keys
Jonathon Lipp
Daniel Andrews and Labor have lost control of the youth justice system, with the latest riot in Malmsbury resulting in the assault of three prison officers.

How many more people need to be injured, and how many more millions of dollars in damage caused to these facilities, before this chaos is fixed?
Liberal Victoria 05/15/2017
Merrel Youl
Daniel Bryson
Ronald Berry
"For the third year in a row, the Federal Government has demonstrated a genuine commitment to small business"
- Peter Strong, Council of Small Business Australia

Read more about our Budget: [ Link ]
Liberal Victoria 05/10/2017
The Turnbull Government is ensuring home ownership is more achievable for ordinary Australians, and that they have access to secure and affordable housing. Housing affordability is a major issue affecting many Australians and there is no silver bullet.
Liberal Victoria 05/10/2017

Reducing pressure on housing affordability
Labor's proposed bail laws changes don't go anywhere near far enough.

The Liberal Nationals' plan would presume remand for violent offenders, adopt a "one strike and you're out" rule to keep people who repeatedly breach bail behind bars and reverse Labor's weakening of youth bail laws that occurred last year.

Labor hasn't even adopted one of these critical reforms in full. They just aren't...
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Liberal Victoria 05/08/2017
Marcia Phillips
Sue Finnigan
Robert Hanley
The Shadow Treasurer Michael O'Brien MP this afternoon outlined our official response to this week's State Budget.

Taxes up 20%. A $10 billion increase in debt. And yet Victoria has a skyrocketing crime rate and rising cost of living pressures.

We rate Labor's Budget a Fail.
Liberal Victoria 05/05/2017
Joe LoCastro
Jonathon Lipp
Dianne McMahon