Daniel Andrews' $2 tax on all taxi and Uber trips will mean higher fares for all Victorians.

The Premier promised Victorians no new taxes. He has broken that promise.
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Leanne's supermarket in northern Victoria has been burgled so often that the staff have taken turns sleeping in the shop to stop criminals breaking in.

There's only one police vehicle in the area available to attend incidents at night. Country Victoria needs more police.

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Neil spends countless hours a week in his vehicle - and 600kg of tools - going to jobs from Mitcham to Geelong and everywhere in between.

The East West Link would have made his journey a lot faster. But Daniel Andrews spent over $1 billion scrapping it instead.

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Shane has owned his cafe in Caulfield for 10 years and employs five people. He's just one of many Victorians who are losing under Daniel Andrews.

Daniel Andrews' reckless Victorian Renewable Energy Target and the closure of Hazelwood means his cafe's power bill will skyrocket.

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A Matthew Guy Liberal Victoria Government will scrap Daniel Andrews unrealistic Renewable energy target so Victorians don't have to pay even more for their electricity. Our priorities are #affordability, #security and #reliability as we transition to cleaner generation
Victoria can’t afford high electricity prices and black-outs - that’s why in government the Liberal Nationals will scrap the unrealistic, go-it-alone Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

Power prices have doubled in a decade, and Daniel Andrews has set Victoria on the path to an energy security crisis.
There's been over 30 riots and violent incidents in our youth justice system under Daniel Andrews. Staff have been injured; inmates have broken out, stolen cars and injured innocent Victorians; millions of dollars of damage has been done to the justice facilities.

How much more chaos must Victorians endure before Daniel Andrews finally fixes the justice system?
Under Daniel Andrews and his reckless energy policies that forced Hazelwood to close, Victoria is being led down the same dark path as South Australia with blackouts and soaring power prices.

This Labor Premier puts ideology first and people last.
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The Liberal Nationals Coalition this week proposed laws to protect the rights of our CFA volunteers.

The CFA is currently under siege by the Andrews Labor Government. We choose to standby our volunteers and fight for their rights.
A Liberal Nationals Government will publish vaccination rates for each year level at government schools so parents can send their kids to school with the confidence that their health is not at risk from preventable diseases.

Vaccinations are the most important and effective tool in our arsenal to prevent potentially deadly diseases like measles and whooping cough. We will give parents the...
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Read Malcolm Turnbull's full speech on a better, safer and more prosperous Australia here: [ Lbr.al Link ]
Every hour, three cars are stolen in Melbourne. Car thefts are on the rise under Daniel Andrews at an alarming rate.

A government I lead would create a specific offence for carjackings and reform our bail system so repeat violent offenders are locked behind bars where they should be.

SHARE if you're concerned about the crime crisis in Victoria.

The top five hotspots are:
• HUME – 30.18 per...
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Victoria’s chief magistrate will convene the first hearing of Melbourne’s night court tomorrow in the wake of the Bourke Street car attack.

Melbourne night court to start