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03/24/2017 at 18:07. Facebook
Our Méditerranée #Chai Spices #yogourt by Lucie-Rose.
Have a great weekend everyone!
This yogourt-based tapas celebrates the classic flavours of Spain, combining ingredients that are sweet and savoury, nutty and spicy: [ Link ].
Petite Vanille's almonds and chocolate spread will change your morning toasts forever: [ Link ].
Mix our plain #kefir with your oatmeal to make it creamier and fill up on probiotics!
With Liberté, sugar shacking at home is always tasty and gourmet!
Smooth and luscious, our Greek 5% yogourt is delicious on its own or in your favourite recipes. Here’s $1 off to try it: [ Link ].
Greek yogourt, cereals, nuts, fruits and a big dose of comfort: [ Link ].
Summer or winter, on a Mexican dish or not… Guacamole is always a good idea: [ Link ]
These four simple ingredients, combined with our lactose free plain Greek yogourt, give us a fresh, spicy and tangy creation: [ Link ].
The spices of our new limited edition will warm up your February, one bite at a time. [ Link ]
Yogourt Méditerranée Chai Épices / Spices.
[ Link ]
Our Méditerranée yogourt is silky, rich, indulgent.
Delicious as is, or paired with almost any flavor!
[ Link ]
And what about seasoning yogourt?
Find inspiration here: [ Link ]
Greek yogourt on-the-go, brainstorming in process. [ Link ]
From breakfast to dessert, including the afternoon cravings, all the occasions are good to enjoy Cuisine estudiantine's madeleines: [ Link ].
We have to admit that you're right Lucie-Rose…
Our Extra Creamy Greek yogourt does make the most delicious smoothie bowls ever!
We can’t wait for you to try our brand new Méditerranée Limited edition! Unique taste experience with comforting spices & a holistic and zen tea inspired flavour, discover our new Chai spices yogourt: [ Link ].
Starting 2017 deliciously: [ Link ]. #kefir
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could take the last bite, over and over again? It’s time to stock up on our #Méditerranée limited edition Orange & Ginger, to enjoy it a few more times. #newflavor #soon
Another fulfilled and amazing year at Liberté…
Thank you for sharing our obsession and inspiring us to create products always tastier. We wish you a gourmet holiday season!