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It's a big day for America!
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Craving a burger? Be good to your buns and muster up some healthy fakeaway burgers instead!
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Switch your seat at home for an exercise ball and do some exercises while watching your favourite TV show tonight! Small changes can make a big difference.
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These little berries have huge benefits so make sure to incorporate them into your diet. They're the perfect snack!
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Wondering what to have for lunch? This easy to prepare salad in a jar is great for those on the go!
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We were delighted to see Hughie Maughan Real using our latest beauty product on Dancing with the Stars Ireland last night!
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Ever concerned about portion size, and if you're piling too much onto your plate? We've provided you with a guide for the right meal size.
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Was your New Year's resolution to get fit? Here are some important stretches for you to do before hitting the gym!
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Looking forward to having this fantastic Irish brand in stores from Monday as part of Baby Week
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Looking for a way to make your breakfast a little more exciting? Here are four ways to intensify your porridge!
Sticking to your New Year's resolution can be tough but instead of ordering out, here's how to make your own delicious guilt free pizza!
A healthier you starts with small changes.
So why not switch the car for your bike for short journeys this weekend?
Avocados are loaded with healthy fats, fibre and important nutrients. They're perfect in a salad, sandwich, smoothie, as a snack and delicious as guacamole!
Getting enough sleep is more important than you think!
Here are some of the benefits associated with having the perfect snooze.
This green smoothie is packed with all the vitamins you need to help fight off any winter colds or bugs on the go!
Meal prep is a handy way to keep on top of lunches and dinner for the week, and helps you stick to your healthy eating plan!
Calling all yogis!
Did you know that vinegar can be used to clean your yoga mat? Simply spray it with vinegar and wipe with a cloth.
Spice up your life with our fakeaway prawn curry recipe!
Are you on a #NewYearNewYou buzz? Our Nutrition Mixer (available in all stores now!) is a great way to get starter! Read the review from the here: [ Link ]

Can Lidl's €39.99 alternative measure up to the Nutribullet?
Meditation can help to reduce stress, improve sleep and increase your attention span.
Why not make it your New Year's resolution to try it?