Life Happens
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Don’t underestimate how much stay-at-home parents do for families. It’s a ton. Protect your loved ones with life insurance. #InsureYourLove

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Life Happens
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Don’t wish ... life insurance is less expensive than you think. #InsureYourLove
Life Happens
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A young mom, Summer bought life insurance because she wanted to protect her baby boy. Some might think she was too young at the time and didn't need it. When she was killed in a roadside accident, the money from life insurance gave the family important time to grieve and will help pay for her son's college. #InsureYourLove
Life Happens
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Priorities? Americans say they'd willing to spend over $900 a month to ensure financial security for their family, yet only 55% have life insurance. What gives? Think life insurance and #InsureYourLove.
Life Happens
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“Whatever you are, be a good one.” Wise words from President Lincoln on this Presidents Day.
We leave a legacy whether we realize it or not. Spend some extra time with those you love this weekend. It’s always worth it. #InsureYourLove
Here is why it makes sense to consider life insurance for your child or grandchild. #InsureYourLove

Juvenile Life Insurance: The Whys And Hows
"Life insurance can't bring a parent back, but it can make the road afterwards easier..." Hear Miranda's powerful words and #InsureYourLove.
Spending $$$ for that special someone for Valentine’s Day? Sweet. But do you know what’s sweeter? Protecting those you love with life insurance. And it’s less expensive than you think. #InsureYourLove

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Why not also think about a gift that lasts? For a few bucks a month, you can also protect your loved one for the long-term. Think life insurance and #InsureYourLove.

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How do you show your love? Everyone does it a different way. We’d love to see your way during #InsureYourLove Month! For more: [ Link ]
We insure our "things" without a second thought, but what about what we truly hold most dear: the ones we love?
Know how much it will cost to raise your child to age 18? The government does, and it’s well into 6 figures. Here’s more.

The Cost of Raising a Child AKA Why You Need Life Insurance
Let's crunch numbers. Does your group life insurance through work offer enough to cover expenses if something were to happen to you?

Do your research and #InsureYourLove.

Why Your Group Life Insurance Is Not Enough
You want your beneficiaries protected in their time of need. Letting them know before something happens to you may help things go smoother. It could make a difference. #InsureYourLove
Calling all selfies and family pics: As part of our Insure Your Love campaign, we’re asking people: “How do you show your love?” and having them post their text or picture response on social media along with the hashtag #InsureYourLove. We love what has been shared so far this month!

How do you show your love: chauffeuring your kids to games? A simple text reminder that you care? How about...
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It's simple: If family is most important...then protect it. #InsureYourLove
“I know he loved us, but my father’s lack of life insurance really made us struggle.” Watch Palak’s story and #InsureYourLove.
Have this discussion and get on the same page. Life insurance can be less expensive than you think. #InsureYourLove
How do you show your love: a home-cooked meal? Perhaps it’s scheduled coffee time with a best friend (as shown in our picture)? Maybe a goodbye kiss before setting out for work?

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