Life Happens
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This single mom was able to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and give her children an education because of her decision to purchase disability insurance. [ Link ]
Life Happens
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This image shows how many projects currently listed on GoFundMe have the word "funeral" in it.

Don't depend on a crowdfunding site. Research and purchase life insurance to protect your family. [ Link ]
Life Happens
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The stark reality of not having life insurance:

"Not only have I been emotionally devastated by the loss of my parents, my siblings and I were torn apart because no one in our family had the financial resources to take on the responsibility of six teenagers, and so we now all live under different roofs."

A Family Torn Apart
Here's a role reversal you don't see very often: Older generations could benefit from these common ways Millennials handle their money.

6 Millennial Money Habits Every Retiree Should Learn
“Although taking the step of getting life insurance can seem like a frightening thought, it can be an important part of preparing for the unexpected,” says Tara Aboumahboub, who lost her mother a few short years ago.

Watch Tara’s story and see how her mother's lack of life insurance impacts her to this day.
It's been a while since we've said it: Thank you for everything you do as a parent!
Don’t count on luck or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to protect your family. Think life insurance.

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“If my father had made preparations for his death, things would be different now. It’s a sad fact, but children must sometimes learn from their parents’ mistakes,” says Chezerea Ortiz, whose father passed away without life insurance. Watch her family's story.
You protect them in so many ways every day. Now, protect them with life insurance.
Life hint #72: Don't name your minor child as the beneficiary of your life insurance.
If you’re young and single you may not need life insurance, but to be sure, answer these 3 questions.

Life Insurance for a Family of One
What’s your excuse for not having life insurance? If your excuse is: I’m a single parent, I can’t afford it then Tracy Basden’s story of being orphaned and having to raise her brother just might change your mind.
"Don't get caught up with what others have or do" is just one of the money tips that parents plan on passing to their children in this article.

What tips do you plan on passing down?

9 parents reveal the money habits they plan to pass on from generation to generation
Protecting your things is important but not more than protecting your family. Think life insurance. [ Link ]
“Life insurance is something you pay for, but never expect to use,” says Lissete Montes de Oca, who lost her husband to leukemia. “But here I am, and I can’t imagine not having this support to help me through.”
Are you or someone you know just beginning to manage the finances of an elderly relative? Share this guide with them.

How To Start Managing The Finances Of An Elderly Relative
Have questions about protecting those you love? Find a pro through our site who would be happy to help: [ Link ]
Life hint #6: Buy life insurance to protect those you love. #InsureYourLove
Don’t procrastinate. Find out how much life insurance you need with this easy online calculator. #InsureYourLove

Calculate Your Needs
Don’t underestimate how much stay-at-home parents do for families. It’s a ton. Protect your loved ones with life insurance. #InsureYourLove

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