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Norayma's life didn't unfold the way she planned. There were surprises, upsets, and delays on her dreams... but in the end things turned out better than she could have imagined. Norayma is a Playmaker for the Life is Good Kids Foundation: [ Link ]
Life is Good
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If you want life to be less complicated, keep it simple:

3 Ways to Simplify Your Life | Life is Good Stories
Life is Good
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Do you find that you sleep better in certain PJs? Do you have a favorite go-to combo? Our soft jams are ready for bed when you are: [ Link ]
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Where do you like to get out and unplug this time of year?
Keep it simple, wear it proudly: [ Link ]
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With long lengths, patch pockets and optimism sewn into every stylish stitch, these layers will be your winter bffs.

New Arrivals: Women's Fleece | Shop Life is Good
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Unplug and you'll find you have more clarity and time for the people, projects and hobbies you love. #ThisisOptimism
Simplicity is one of your superpowers: [ Link ]
And a new mug to love: [ Link ]
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In honor of a beautiful person who taught us how to grow the good, peace and justice. What dream do you have for all the people of the world? #GROWtheGood #MLKDay
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Here's your New Layers Resolutions:
Cozy Sweatpants: [ Link ]
Go-To Sweatshirts: [ Link ]

New Women's Layers | Shop Life is Good
Life is Good
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Here's your New Layers Resolutions
Shop Sweatshirts: [ Link ]
Shop Sweatpants: [ Link ]
In 2009, we received a handwritten letter from 10-year old twin brothers Alex and Nick. Life hasn't been easy for them, Nick was born legally blind and Alex had to have one leg amputated after birth, but because they have each other, life is good. That letter they wrote was packed with wisdom, and over the years we've shared it everywhere we can. Meet Alex and Nick today: [ Link ]
Always an athlete, our sister Berta was on a ski trip in Vermont in 1988 when she had a devastating, life-altering ski accident, leaving her completely paralyzed. She was 28 years old. Faced with tremendous obstacles, courageous people somehow find a reservoir of courage to help them look forward and focus on the good. #GROWtheGood

Soul Sisters | Life is Good Stories
How do we help kids in need? By supporting the teachers, social workers, counselors, and other child life specialists who care for the most vulnerable children. See what you can do:

The Life is Good Kids Foundation | Help the Helpers
What's your "mobile device" of choice? [ Link ]
Love is easy to find, it's in every good hug and every "how can I help?" Where do you recognize love in your everyday life? [ Link ]
Crusher for your crush! Bundle any V-day tee + scarf for $35 and know that your purchase supports kids in need:

Love Collection | Shop Life is Good
Congratulations to our friends at Clemson University and Clemson Football on winning National Championship! #Allin #Clemson.

Life is Good at Clemson: [ Link ]
Courage doesn't mean you're unafraid, it means you rise above your fear. Learn to live it: [ Link ] #ThisIsOptimism : @nicoleaimi
Why playoff when you can play-on? [ Link ]
Life is Good had the chance to take part in the β€œGold Meets Golden” event yesterday where Olympic Athletes came together with Golden Globes nominees and past winners. This is an annual event hosted by Nicole Kidman and the Golden Globes nominees to welcome in the Olympians coming for the Globes. Participants were invited to share why they believe Life is Good and for each share $100 was...
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Danny doesn't care what other people think, about his speech disorder or the very suave suits and ties he wears to kindergarten. And now he has his own army of pee-wee football players rallying to help make his life better: [ Link ]