When you're trying to remember what you learned in school. #PiDay
Have a wonderful and blessed birthday, Rafe Spall.
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Happy Birthday, Irrfan Khan.
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Pi found power in imagination.
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Waking up Saturday morning after going out on Friday...
Back in 2012 the visual spectacle 'Life of Pi' was released, telling the story of a boy stranded with wild beasts while adrift in a lifeboat on the Pacific Ocean. Making this couldn't be done with live animals, as the tiger would be way too dangerous, so instead they used CGI. The impressive work la…

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Make your own happy ending. The story is yours now. CNET names Life of Pi one of 40 must have movies.

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Happy Birthday, Adil Hussain
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Enjoy life with a Life of Pi & Eddie the Eagle double-feature this weekend. Watch this extended preview to get you started.

Lost at sea, giant tiger and no sunscreen. #SunscreenDay