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Life's A Party
yesterday at 12:05. Facebook
Festival Sherpa is excited to see Carnage perform on his India tour. Here's what they had to say about the King of festival trap. Register now: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Passion Unleashed Brings You The Showstopper Who’s Rocked Tomorrowland And Ultra Music Festival!

Life's A Party
yesterday at 05:13. Facebook
Too awesome, too early! #CarnageIsComing. Register here:
Life's A Party
01/15/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Life's A Party
01/14/2017 at 11:13. Facebook
Life's A Party
01/11/2017 at 12:57. Facebook
Passion Unleashed brings you the creator of Festival Trap – DJ Carnage, get ready for some mayhem on the dance floor! #CarnageIsComing Register early: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Life's A Party
01/11/2017 at 12:19. Facebook
Life's A Party
01/10/2017 at 07:51. Facebook
The energies were high when DJ Alvaro took control of the decks! And now #PassionUnleashed brings you another EDM heavyweight, Carnage.

Passion Unleashed Presents DJ Alvaro

Check out the video to feel the thumping beats of the craziest DJ in town - Alvaro.

Prepare for an explosive cocktail of music and mayhem, as Passion Unleashed brings one of the world’s hottest artists to India! #CarnageIsComing
He’s the best at every drinking game invented. Everyone wants to be on his team. #LifeOfTheParty
If this #PartyPooper is at your party, call the party plumber and tell him there’s a clog.
Time to get a little evil with your appetite and devour some delicious D-Six Deviled eggs. #PartySnacks
When you are drunk & peeing like a racehorse, a banana is all you need to giddy-up and go. #HangoverCure
Once a year, tens of thousands of tourists gather in a town in Spain to hurl over one hundred tons of overripe tomatoes … all in just one hour. #WeirdKindOfParties
Double check that there are no stairs nearby, else you might go from doing a moonwalk to a moonfall. #DanceMoveOfTheDecade
After a heavy liquid diet, a nice glass… actually one two bottles of water can make the hangover go away. #HangoverCure
A party without him is a party without booze. He’ll never let you leave your glass half empty. #LifeOfTheParty
All she needs is one LIIT and she’s off with her baby talks and falling on every person that’s in her way. #PartyPoopers
Would you like a little of woof, woof! Just kidding, try the most delicious DIY mini corn dog recipe. #PartySnacks

Cut hot dogs into quarters, pat dry, and set aside.
Heat the vegetable oil over medium heat.
While the oil is heating, combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well and add the milk and egg. Stir until smooth.
Using a pair of tongs, dip the hot dogs in the mixture, coat well...
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This move is perfect if you want to be single guy at every party. Trust me this move will not land you any girls. #DanceMoveOfTheDecade