Life's A Party
03/24/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
When you’ve spent the night hugging the porcelain throne it’s time to slow down the roller coaster in your tummy with some crackers. #HangoverCure
Life's A Party
03/22/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Here relationships are shorter than a person’s notice period. Talk about speed dating. #PartyPooper
Life's A Party
03/20/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
In Raleigh, North Carolina sample some of the best buggy dishes, scorpion taquitos and deep-fried grasshoppers. #WeirdKindOfParties
Become the General of the Soulja Boy army when you Crank Dat. Now watch me you!! #DanceMoveOfTheDecade
#DidYouKnow thousands of people in Gloucester in the Coltswold region of England, convene to roll around a cylinder of Double Gloucester cheese down a hill and chase after it. #WeirdKindOfParties
He was born into this world for one reason only – To paaarty! If you want your party to be a success just dial the toll free no: 011-enthu cutlet. #LifeOfTheParty
No, he’s not Lionel Messi’s relative, this kind of person forgets to flush and loves leaving his mark wherever he goes. #PartyPooper
This guy will want to get cosy with every other girl you've invited over. #PartyPooper
There is the best man toast, the bachelor toast, farewell toast, etc. Then there’s the toast you need to have for breakfast to cure a hangover. #HangoverCure
Why would someone even want to Nae, is he a horse or is his nose blocked? #DanceMoveOfTheDecade
They don’t need anything to start a conversation, that’s because they are the conversation starters. #LifeOfTheParty
Hey, what’s there for food? That’s only thing that comes out of such a #PartyPopper. He only lives to eat!
They never leave your side, except when you get a call from nature, that’s the only time you get for yourself. #PartyPoopers
#DidYouKnow pillow parties are the new thing in San Francisco? Every year they have the maddest pillow fight parties. #WeirdKindOfParties
Party like they did in the Hangover without a hangover with a hangover pill. #HangoverCure
Monday to Sunday, everyday I’m shuffling. Think your body can resist this #DanceMoveOfTheDecade? Think again!
Some enter with their swagger, and some with their gang. Either way, the #LifeOfTheParty attracts everyone’s attention.
There are people who’re the life of the party, then there are those who suck the life out of it. #PartyPoopers
Some are born glamourous! They don’t really follow trends, they set them! #LifeOfTheParty
At eye gazing parties, an even number of singles meet up in bars and restaurants just stare at one another. #WeirdKindOfParties