Life's A Party
02/24/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
They never leave your side, except when you get a call from nature, that’s the only time you get for yourself. #PartyPoopers
Life's A Party
02/22/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
#DidYouKnow pillow parties are the new thing in San Francisco? Every year they have the maddest pillow fight parties. #WeirdKindOfParties
Life's A Party
02/20/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Party like they did in the Hangover without a hangover with a hangover pill. #HangoverCure
Monday to Sunday, everyday I’m shuffling. Think your body can resist this #DanceMoveOfTheDecade? Think again!
Some enter with their swagger, and some with their gang. Either way, the #LifeOfTheParty attracts everyone’s attention.
There are people who’re the life of the party, then there are those who suck the life out of it. #PartyPoopers
Some are born glamourous! They don’t really follow trends, they set them! #LifeOfTheParty
At eye gazing parties, an even number of singles meet up in bars and restaurants just stare at one another. #WeirdKindOfParties
After downing a couple of shots at night, be sure to down a nice cup of coffee in the morning to cure your crazy hangover. #HangoverCure
No matter how many times or at how many parties you hear this song play, every muscle in your body just shouts ‘Opa Gangam Style’
Just make sure you have complete control of your mower, else you might end up driving up the wrong lawn. #DanceMoveOfTheDecade
You never know when you’ll need to answer a challenge on the dance floor. The #LifeOfTheParty is always ready.
Such #PartyPoopers will ask you to lower the volume in your own house while their kid sleeps peacefully on your own bed.
It takes place in Black Rock Desert of Nevada, drawing some 50,000 people to the remote area for community, artwork, absurdity, and revelry. Step into an alternate world where clothing is optional, weird is normal, there’s always something new to try and wildly artistic creations are everywhere you look. #WeirdKindOfParties
Take on a separate liquid diet other than the one you had the previous night. Lime water is your cure #HangoverCure
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