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Life & Style Weekly
1 hours 16 minutes ago. Facebook
Life & Style Weekly
1 hours 46 minutes ago. Facebook
OMG! Ellen DeGeneres talks BABIES! Find out what she said (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Life & Style Weekly
2 hours 46 minutes ago. Facebook
CONGRATULATIONS! David and Victoria Beckham just announced huge news — their family is thrilled! (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Life & Style Weekly
3 hours 46 minutes ago. Facebook
Oh no! This heavily pregnant star is "too big to get up" off the floor! See who just shared this surprising Instagram video (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Life & Style Weekly
4 hours 46 minutes ago. Facebook
Poor Jennifer Aniston! The actress just suffered a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction — see the rest of the photo to see why her latest outfit is making headlines (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
BAD PARENTING?! Jimmy Kimmel and his wife are being slammed today for posting this photo of their two-year-old daughter on Twitter. Get the surprising details (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Remember little Gretl von Trapp from The Sound Of Music? She looks SO different 51 years later! See actress Kym Karath today at age 58 (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
OMG! Find out which famous beauty was all smiles on the red carpet in this completely sheer dress —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Following weeks of pregnancy rumors, these photos of Kourtney Kardashian are going viral because of what's happening BELOW the waist! —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ronnie from Jersey Shore has found himself a new woman — and she's ALSO famous! See who it is (via InTouch Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
This celebrity couple has called it QUITS — and fans are freaking out over the news! —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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People are going NUTS over this photo of John Legend — and it’s all because of what Chrissy Teigen was caught doing behind him! —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
WOAH! Katie Holmes doesn't look like this anymore! See her drastic transformation (via Closer Weekly) —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Days after reconciliation rumors surface, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick make it official on Instagram! See the pics —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
PLASTIC SURGERY?! DJ Pauly D's latest photos have left fans concerned about the reality star! Just wait until you see them —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
What the Kardashian family just did to Blac Chyna is a HUGE slap in the face! See why her fans are upset —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our thoughts are with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West after hearing this heartbreaking update about their family. InTouch Weekly has the details —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
BABY NO. 1! Donnie Wahlberg makes a major announcement about wife Jenny McCarthy on Instagram —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
KNIFE IN THE BACK: Kanye West is going to feel so betrayed after he hears what wife Kim Kardashian West just did —> [ Bit.ly Link ]