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Resist the urge to fire back, and respond like this instead.

The Most Diplomatic Way to Respond to an Offensive Comment at Work
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That's team work for you.
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Be it a broken compact powder or lipstick, they can be fixed.

To Fix Dried Nail Paint, Add Few Drops of Acetone to The Bottle
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It can be one of the most frustrating situations when it comes to romance.

5 Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone
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Mukesh Ambani: The voice calls will still remain free.
Jio #100MillionOnJio

Mukesh Ambani Announces New Jio Prime Membership for Existing Users
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Major announcements for Jio and its tariff plans by Mukesh Ambani.

Read More: [ Link ]
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Jio Prime Members can continue enjoying the unlimited benefits of JIO NEW YEAR OFFER until 31st March, 2018.
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This way you look more competent. #WhatTheHack
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Young adults tend to get as stressed on losing their phone as they get separating from parents.

New Study Says Three of Four Youngsters Exhibits PTSD Symptoms Upon Losing Their Smartphone
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Have trouble understanding difficult Wikipedia articles.

Access Simplified Wikipedia Articles by Tweaking the URL
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"In a few decades, people will be going to the moon for honey-moon."

India May Meet Its Energy Needs From Moon By 2030, Says ISRO Scientist
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Kung Fu ;)
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Some advice on how to "succeed" could be destructive to your goals.

Define Success For Yourself Before You Start Taking Advice On How to Succeed
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Traveling solo might be a bit daunting, but only the first time you try it.

​Why You Need To Travel Solo At Least Once In Your Life