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The Hollywood actress is taking a stand against childhood bullying.

Kate Winslet opens up about being fat-shamed: 'They called me Blubber'
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The Oscar-winning actress filmed the clip just days before giving birth!

Heavily pregnant Natalie Portman stars in James Blake's new music video
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It's the rom-com reunion we've been waiting for! ❤

The Love Actually reunion trailer is finally here
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Mother-to-be, Victoria Murphy, puts Linda Meredith’s highly-coveted V-Tox cream to the test.

The wrinkle cream Victoria Beckham's facialist swears by
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Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women worldwide and currently has no cure.

10 things every woman needs to know about endometriosis
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It seems as though the Kiwis have a little more to smile about than us Aussies!

Australia ranks ninth in World Happiness Report
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Considering it's International Day of Happiness, why not try a few of these?! ☺

8 habits of happy people
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Katy Perry admits she did more than just 'kiss a girl and like it'.

Katy Perry: 'I tried to pray the gay away in Jesus camp'
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Make sure you get some shuteye tonight 'cause it's World Sleep Day today!

8 secrets to a sound night's sleep
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Keeping your most precious possession safe can be overwhelming for new parents.

Surprising hazards for babies and how to avoid them
"Believe me, it sounds more sinister than it is."

I tattooed my eyebrows and never looked back
Ben has publicly thanked his former wife Jennifer Garner for her support through his struggles.

Ben Affleck completes treatment for alcohol addiction
We visited Sydney's Kyeemagh Public School to get kids' thoughts on why girls can do anything boys can.

Kids give hilariously accurate take on gender inequality
Meet the groundbreaking, all-female beer company.

Beer is changing - and here's why
Avoid post-restaurant regret with these hot tips from Sam Wood!

5 ways to keep it healthy while eating out
Looks like Ben and Jen are reconciling after nearly two years of separation!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner reportedly call off divorce
Who better to ask than schoolkids for brutally honest answers on breaking down gender stereotypes?! [ Link ] #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange
To celebrate International Women's Day, we chatted to Shaynna Blaze and her daughter Carly about women, feminism and their unshakable bond.

Shaynna Blaze: 'A mother-daughter bond can never be broken'