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There's a new vlog on my channel! A no makeup thumbnail that kind of sums up the day... plus a cute little 4 year old pizza chef!
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WHAT'S ON MY FACE 17.01.17
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Granger & Co is one of my favourite London lunch spots. I have a blog post up today with photos & more info!
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Black on black on grey on denim βœ” That tiny, incy bit of sunshine yesterday was glorious... for a second #BritishWeather
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I've finally uploaded a video talking all about my Bullet Journal. What it is, why I use it and a flick through of my 2016 and 2017 journals! I hope you find it helpful, don't worry if it overwhelms you, I felt the same when I first discovered it!

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Today's post is super glamorous, it's about flaky and itchy scalps... :-)

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+ In this week's vlog I meet up with some lovely blogger friends for food and photos! I also show you some my asos returns from a recent haul >> [ Link ]

Today's blog post is about my love for taking down the Christmas tree and lights and getting my flat back into "normal" mode. But now I'm craving some new bits... Have a read of my top picks from some of my favourite stores >> [ Link ]
I know I'm the minority but I bloody love January! I feel so motivated to create & I feel focused on what I'm doing without being too concerned with everyone else. For work, it's my favourite time of year. Bring on another week! by @theannaedit
+ 2016 Beauty Discoveries +

Today's NEW VIDEO is a look at the best beauty products that I discovered in 2016 >> [ Link ]
Cosy knit & comfy denim ✌thanks for the snap @theannaedit
WHAT'S IN MY BAG β€’ 06.01.17
+ The Best Pizza In London +

In today's post I'm talking PIZZA!! Mmmmm. I've also got some outfit photos thrown in there too so go have a read, but maybe not if you're hungry. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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Good news guys, our super cosy jumpers are back!!! We're going to be restocking this Friday 6th Jan at 10am (GMT) and we've added 2 extra sizes (& changed the delivery service). We've loved seeing your photos & tweets so thank you so much for supporting us & @lgfbuk
+ HELLO 2017 +

Tonight's video is a vlog from New Year's Eve. Rich & I hosted a small party for friends and it was such a fun night! Have a watch if you want to see what we got up to and get your ear plugs ready for some terrible karaoke!

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HELLO 2017

+ There's a new blog post up on +

I'm talking new year inspiration, getting organised and well, I'm just writing nonsense really. Go have a read if you like!

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Piling on the makeup, ready for a long day of filming! 2016 favourites & Bullet Journal flip through coming soon... Have a good day back at work everyone! (ps. There's a new blog post coming on at 9am. No idea what's it's about, I wrote it at 2am the other night!)

Happy New Year!!

Today's new video is a chat through some of resolutions for 2017. It was filmed when my lips were really bad so sorry about that, but I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what your resolutions are for the new year!

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So apparently my favourite 2016 moments have been yours too! #2016bestnine It's been an epic year that I'll never forget ❀ I'm excited to see what 2017 brings & as usual I'm seeing in the new year surrounded my good friends, food & games Happy New Year everyone xx
Missing these ladies very much! Looking forward to some fun 2017 plans & projects #lovemyteam