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This 1956 Premiere has been the owner's daily driver for 32 years. #TBT
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Control, at your fingertips and on the road (Thanks, available AWD!). The 2017 #LincolnMKZ.
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Coasting into New England this #TravelTuesday in the #LincolnMKX.
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For a moment, the whole world feels like yours. #ThatsContinental, photographed by @naomi.font
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Glimpsing a new side of yourself at every stop along the way.
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If you’re at #NAIAS, come see us and make a difference. Sign up, complete a test drive, and we’ll donate to 1 of 7 nonprofits, like Focus:Hope.
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A beauty, inside and out. The V-12 engine compartment of this ‘41 Zephyr Convertible has been cared for so meticulously, it won an award. Read how Ed Avedisian brought this vintage Lincoln back to life, here #TBT

Lincoln Now | A Moving Tribute |
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We'd have to agree with these top five reasons the 2017 Continental is a game changer

Top 5 Reasons the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a Game Changer
Nothing but clear roads in the #Navigator.
"Meeting this car for the first time is an experience worthy of hyperbole.” We can’t help but agree with Man Jr.’s take on the 2017 Continental, here: [ Link ]

Sights and Sounds of the 2017 Lincoln Continental | MANjr
Getting into peak condition this #TravelTuesday in the #LincolnMKX.
Really embracing the elements. #ThatsContinental, shot by VincentBRILLANT | Photographe
Getting a grip on the week. #LincolnMKZ
Seeing your image reflected back in the world. #ThatsContinental, shown here in Lincoln Black Label.
Verdant textures, courtesy of the #LincolnMKX.
Why just skim the surface when you could go beyond it? #ThatsContinental, shown here in Lincoln Black Label.
A study in greens: This 1954 Capri Coupe featured a light green leather interior to accentuate its Empire Green Metallic body paint. #TBT
When the love of the craft speaks to you louder than the spotlight. #ThatsContinental, shown here in Lincoln Black Label.
These roads were made for roaming... in the #Navigator.
Charting a new course… because the blank space on the map has always felt more like an invitation. #ThatsContinental, shown here in Lincoln Black Label.