Cheers to Taylor Spellman New York who’s celebrating #drinkwineday with a glass of #Lindemans
Hope we’ve brought a smile to your moment of creativity and inspiration!

#Lindemans #smilestories #smile
Celebrate like a wine-devoted Australian – Lindeman’s Trio 2001 Limestone Ridge is sure to make anyone smile. Stellar choice @cyrilcyclops
Pinot Grigio and mussels French style – we hope you’re smiling, @Bergeron!
Toast to the new year (without breaking any resolutions) with a glass of our Early Harvest Sparkling - it's lower in both alcohol and calories. Thanks for sharing @alisonread
To our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, a smile and a toast to Christmas with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. ❄ Can we join you @busybeewonen?
It’s smiles all round for cabernet & charcuterie on a chilly UK night @AndrewRobson18 knows how it’s done
At this time of year in Amsterdam, sunshine & wine are sure to make anyone smile. ☀ Great pic @klaasleegwater
There’s nothing like fish and chips and a frolick on the beach to make you smile. Pick up a bottle of Lindeman’s in-store today and make an afternoon of it!

In over 100 countries, the world smiles with Lindeman’s.
Sharing new experiences together makes Fumi & Ole in London grin.

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A spontaneous picnic is bound to make your friends smile. Just make sure the Chardonnay stays chilled.
Unexpected friendships make Lisa in Sweden smile. See hers and other smile stories at [ Link ]

In over 100 countries, the world smiles with Lindeman’s.
Italians love their grappa – a very strong liquor made from grapes. We prefer to finish a meal with something a little lighter like our Pinot Grigio.

In over 100 countries, the world smiles with Lindeman’s.
Unexpected treats can make a friend smile. So surprise them with a bottle of their favourite wine (and help them drink it!)

In over 100 countries, the world smiles with Lindeman’s.
Sharing a meal and a bottle of Lindeman’s with old friends makes Dan smile. What’s your favourite cuisine to share with the ones you love?

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"Having friends over for dinner always makes me smile, especially when we’re reminiscing about good times over a nice bottle of wine." – Steve, Canberra
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