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Lindsey Graham
yesterday at 20:48. Facebook
A true American hero has passed.

For every Baby Boomer, John Glenn captured our imagination and was a hero of our youth. Combat fighter pilot. Astronaut. United States Senator.

He will be missed by his legions of friends, dear family and grateful nation. Godspeed John Glenn.

John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95

Lindsey Graham
yesterday at 15:30. Facebook
I’ve known General Kelly for well over a decade and find him to be one of the most capable leaders I have ever met. No one understands the threats to our homeland and our border security needs better than General Kelly.

Having served our great nation in uniform for four decades, he understands what it takes to protect our homeland. There is no doubt he will be an outstanding DHS Secretary.

Trumps taps retired Marine general John Kelly for DHS

Lindsey Graham
12/07/2016 at 23:13. Facebook
For most Americans, the 75th Anniversary of the attack on #PearlHarbor is the marking of a historic event.

For some - like Mr. Wilborn - it was a defining moment in their lives.

Veteran makes first return to Pearl Harbor 75 years later

Lindsey Graham
12/07/2016 at 17:22. Facebook
I'm encouraged by these comments by President-elect Trump.

They present an opportunity to do the right thing for more than 744,000 young people who grew up here. There is bipartisan support for this in the Senate and we will soon have a legislative response ready if needed.

They have much to contribute to the country they love.

Trump: 'We’re going to work something out' with Dreamers

Lindsey Graham
12/05/2016 at 14:45. Facebook
Dr. Carson is a very smart and talented individual. He’s guided by strong conservative principles and convictions. I’m sure he will be an agent of change in a department that could stand some change.

Trump to nominate Carson as HUD secretary

Lindsey Graham
12/03/2016 at 11:31. Facebook
I’m confident the waiver allowing General Mattis to serve as Secretary of Defense will be approved by Congress.

I look forward to his confirmation.

Top contender for defense secretary faces legislative hurdle

Lindsey Graham
12/02/2016 at 14:37. Facebook
During his decades of service in the Marines, General Mattis was widely respected by the troops under his command and his peers in uniform.

He has real-world experience combined with a keen intellect. General Mattis will provide great leadership to the Department of Defense and President-elect Trump will find his advice to be invaluable.

Trump picks retired Marine Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis for secretary of defense

Lindsey Graham
12/02/2016 at 00:30. Facebook
General Mattis would be an outstanding choice to serve as our next Secretary of Defense.

Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James Mattis for secretary of defense

Great to take part in the American Red Cross Holiday for Heroes program today. It's important we take time to thank and recognize members of our military, military families, and veterans living in our communities during this holiday season.
It was with much sadness that I learned of the passing of Cathy Novinger. She was a good friend and one of South Carolina’s most successful business leaders. She was a role model for many young women and touched so many lives through her generosity and kindness.

Cathy left a lasting impression on our state and South Carolina is a better place because of her countless contributions.

SC business, civic leader Cathy Novinger dies

KT McFarland as Deputy National Security advisor is an outstanding selection. She is a seasoned National Security expert and rock-solid individual. She will bring a clear-eyed view of the threats we face as a nation.

I'm confident her advice and counsel will become invaluable to President-elect Trump's National Security team.

Trump taps K.T. McFarland to be deputy national security adviser

Governor Haley is a strong leader who will be an outstanding Ambassador to the United Nations.

As Governor of South Carolina she has recruited and dealt with some of the largest international business firms in the world. Her husband was a member of the South Carolina National Guard who served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Governor Haley and her family fully understand what is at stake in...
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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley will be Trump's ambassador to UN

I was honored to receive the Marine Corps Reserve Association (MCRA) Frank M. Tejeda Leadership Award last week in Washington.

The award is presented each year to a Member of Congress who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to a strong national defense, leadership, self-sacrifice and service to one’s country exemplified by Frank Tejeda.

Frank Tejeda served as a Sergeant in the Marine...
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Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative in the mold of Justice Scalia.

If you are looking for a Scalia-type figure, he fits the bill. We have had our differences, but even his worst critics cannot say Ted Cruz is not one of the smartest, most gifted lawyers in the country.

If you are looking for someone like Justice Scalia to serve on the Supreme Court, take a look at Ted Cruz.

Here Are The Early Favorites For Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Rand is my friend but he’s a libertarian and an outlier in the party on these issues.

The fact that Senator Paul opposes John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani will not keep them from serving.

Sen. Rand Paul says neither Giuliani nor Bolton would get his vote for secretary of state

Senator Sessions is a fine, decent man and principled conservative. I’ve known him for more than twenty years. He has the experience and ability to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

He was an early supporter of Donald Trump in the Senate and he has earned the right to serve President-Elect Trump and our nation at the highest level.

Jeff Sessions Said to Be Trump’s Pick for Attorney General

You will never convince me that Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton are not qualified to serve at this level.

The overwhelming majority of Republican senators have the utmost respect for Rudy. He led the nation and New York through 9/11. He’s a citizen of the world who is eminently qualified to serve as Secretary of State.

As for John Bolton, he was United Nations Ambassador under President...
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For Trump's Secretary Of State, Buzz Centers On Giuliani, Bolton

She’s done a good job as Governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley is talented, capable, and would do a good job in any assignment given to her. I think Nikki is a traditional Republican when it comes to foreign policy – more like Ronald Reagan than Rand Paul.

I like her a lot. I would certainly support her.

Gov. Nikki Haley meeting with Trump Thursday for administration job, sources report

“I look forward to working with him [President-elect Trump],” Graham said. "I’m ready to talk. And if I can work with you, I will. I’ll tell you if I can’t. I’m not going to blindside anyone.

I’m just gonna be Lindsey Graham.”

Graham is ready to work, and 'ready to talk,' to President-Elect Trump