Lindsey Graham
02/17/2017 at 00:15. Facebook
Mick is a true budget expert who is passionate about government reform and controlling spending. He also understands the top priority of the federal government is to defend our nation.

I’m confident he will provide the Trump Administration with wise advice in all budget-related matters.

Senate confirms Mick Mulvaney for White House budget chief
Lindsey Graham
02/16/2017 at 15:53. Facebook
Boeing’s South Carolina workforce is second to none. As South Carolinians, these employees make us proud each day with every 787 Dreamliner that rolls off the assembly line. They have earned every accolade that comes their way.

I was pleased to hear the results of yesterday’s election. The employees’ decision will keep in place a business model that attracted Boeing to South Carolina...
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Lindsey Graham
02/14/2017 at 15:28. Facebook
Graham met Monday with members of the Charleston media at his Mount Pleasant office for a question-and-answer session before heading back to Washington for the week.

He called President Trump's Cabinet picks "a home run." He also thinks Trump has a better chance of dealing with North Korea than did predecessor Barack Obama.

Sen. Lindsey Graham still sees optimism in Donald Trump presidency
Lindsey Graham
02/14/2017 at 00:37. Facebook
I believe President Trump has chosen an outstanding Treasury Secretary in Mr. Mnuchin.

His real-world experience will serve him well as our Secretary of the Treasury and I believe he is the right man for the job.

Senate confirms Mnuchin as Treasury secretary
Lindsey Graham
02/13/2017 at 15:14. Facebook
I'll be meeting with the media this morning in South Carolina. WATCH LIVE.
President Trump is right to challenge #China on currency manipulation, human rights abuse, and militarizing South China Sea.

Trump could name China a 'currency manipulator' in the coming weeks
To provide relief at this time would send the wrong signal to Russia and our allies who face Russian oppression. Sanctions relief must be earned, not given.

Senators Graham, Rubio, McCain, Carper, Brown and McCaskill move to limit Trump on Russia sanctions
I’m very pleased the Senate has confirmed Jeff Sessions as our new Attorney General. However, I’m also very disappointed in the way he was treated by his Democratic colleagues and outside special interest groups.

Jeff Sessions is a decent, honorable and highly qualified man who will serve the President and country well as our Attorney General.

Senate confirms Sessions as attorney general
Sen. Lindsey Graham argued Tuesday that Democratic attacks against Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination to be the next attorney general are really just attacks against conservatism, because Democrats don't think any Republican is qualified to lead the Department of Justice.

"The bottom line is that most of things said about Jeff Sessions and the way he acted as a senator could be said about almost...
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Graham: Attack against Sessions is an 'attack on conservatism'
I strongly believe a President deserves a Cabinet of their choosing. I also appreciate my good friend and colleague Senator Tim Scott for helping guide this nomination through the Senate.

Mrs. DeVos has been involved in education reform for decades. She will bring a new perspective to ensure every child can attend a school that prepares them for the future.

As a graduate of Daniel High...
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Betsy DeVos confirmed, VP Pence casts tiebreaking vote
This is good news! I know she has lots of friends and co-workers who can't wait to see her. Like everyone else, I'm happy she's almost home.

Clemson PhD greeted at airport after return to U.S. following suspension of travel restrictions
Graham after meeting with Judge Gorsuch, nominee for the Supreme Court. Questioning by the press begins at 4:42.
Meeting with Judge Neil Gorsuch, the nominee to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
Great meeting today Mike LeFever of South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, Dr. Nayef Samhat, President of Wofford College and Dr. Ernest McNealey, Interim President of Allen University.

Thank you for your many contributions to higher education in South Carolina.
“My goal is to protect America from terrorists coming into our country, not keep this young lady out,” Lindsey Graham said. “She’s smart, she’s intelligent, she adds value to our country and I’ll find a way to fix this problem.

"The executive order was issued without really thinking it through, Graham said. "I’m all for extreme vetting when it comes to terrorist rich countries. But people who...
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Sen. Graham works to help Clemson grad return home after travel ban
Just met with members of the media to discuss what we are doing to be of assistance to Clemson graduate Nazanin Zinouri and some additional thoughts on President Trump's Executive Order.
Many Americans have taken to the street to have their voices heard based on the politics of the moment. Yet for decades, the March for Life in Washington has seen hundreds of thousands of Americans gather together and speak up for the unborn. They view it as their solemn duty to speak for those who have no voice.

Through their years of work they have achieved real victories, including the...
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