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High ya!
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[ Link ] Live stream from Pooooolaaaaand! Happy Birthday Trevor! #MustacheOrNoMustache?


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Thank you Norway. Photo by Nicolai S. Willumsen
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Hi guys! Get your Target-exclusive versions of Shatter Me ([ Link ] & Brave Enough ([ Link ] - on sale now!
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Ready for da show!
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I blame jet lag. #tourlife
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Trying to fit in at the Viking museum in Norway.
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Freezing in Norway #notusedtothis
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Freezing outside

It's amazing the things that he can still do with his body at his age. Happy birthday Ryan. So proud that you're my guy.
Happy birthday to this adorable thing. My older sister Jennifer taught me from a very young age what it means to work hard. She blazed the trail for us Stirling girls and she's my hero. #supermom #spiritual #firefighter #runner #jokester
2 little Swedish girls #jetlagged #braveenoughtour #europe
Hey all you vinyl fans! #BRAVEENOUGH will be available at Urban Outfitters with a special full color postcard! Oh - and they're all signed by me!! Pre-order here: [ Link ]
Wherever you are in the world, I love you so much. You guys #holdmyheart #happyvalentinesday [ Link ]
Wherever you are in the world, I love you so much. You guys #holdmyheart #happyvalentinesday
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Karaoke sample: [ Link ]

Versions for Violin, Cello, Piano, Viola. Free transposition services available @ :)

Gavi's Song w/ KARAOKE Play-Along Tracks - Sheet Music
I love this color.
I think Pangea if forming on my face.
Amazing fan art by @songofthecagedgirl
I love you guys!
Ah! This is so cool. I love the fan art you guys do. This is by @ helenbucher (Instagram)