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"Though poverty hinders happiness, wealth does not ensure happiness."

How Changing Your Daily Habits Can Make You Happier - and Richer
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Hackers have given Apple an ultimatum, and a deadline. Here's how this might affect your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Protecting yourself from the Turkish Crime Family through 2FA
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US companies may lose up to $2.1B in productivity during #MarchMadness. Here's why they should embrace it anyway:

Here's why companies should embrace March Madness
"In times of crisis, there is always opportunity."

Why Brexit may be the game changer for European fintech
Regardless of the reform bill's outcome, healthcare providers need to focus on being nimble.

Beware the Ides of Healthcare Reform
"I thought it would be good to have a go," said Sir Martin Sorrell.

How To Make Your Second Act An Empire: WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell
"These are significant platform shifts -- not just new features and gadgets," writes eBay's Devin Wenig.

We're on The Edge of Something New
"Silicon Valley is where the world’s best, brightest and most ambitious people come to be average."

As a therapist in Silicon Valley, I believe our diversity is an illusion
You may be busy, but you probably aren’t as productive as you think. The problem with celebrating busyness: [ Link ]

Busyness: A Modern Health Crisis
Bill Gates has been searching for an "energy miracle," and says this could be the one:

Beating Nature at Its Own Game
"We are sending rockets to the moon in 18 months, why can’t we figure this out?"

Silicon Valley wants to send rockets to the moon, but can't even figure out diversity
What Intel's Mobileye acquisition says about the driverless car industry:

Intel and Mobileye: the autonomous vehicle accelerates
Can this genetic test help you find more personalized — and effective — medical treatments?

Can a Genetic Test Tell You What Medication to Take For a Headache? The MyDNA Review
John Maeda just released his much-shared report on the state of design. One surprise: the incredible wealth design thinking is generating.

Design in Tech Report 2017 at SXSW
"As countries around the world seek to grow their economies and reduce inequality, tapping into the huge potential of women can be a game changer," says Christine Lagarde.

The Business Case for Women's Empowerment