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Snap is about people, "not some mega vision of world domination," says David Sable. And that's why it's successful.

Unlike Some, Snap Won't Disappear After the IPO
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"The defining attribute of most hedge funds was the enormous amounts of money the people running them were taking in."

Inside the Rise and Fall of Wall Street's Most Powerful Hedge Fund
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"Dodd-Frank could destroy Fintech as we know it." A look at the possible impact: [ Link ]

Fintech companies: Dodd-Frank repeal might kill your startup
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Airbnb is different from the companies that came before it because it's urban and allows you to “live like a local.” [ Link ]

Airbnb didn't create a brand new concept. So, what made it different?
"Staying out of the spotlight can reduce a lot of the pressure that comes with growing a startup." What this CEO has learned: [ Link ]

The CEO of HR startup Namely explains why he's stayed quiet on Zenefits
"The way forward is to combine a creative liberal arts core with the tech and business-savvy skills required for success in all walks of life." [ Link ]

America's Jobs Crisis: An Education Solution
A look at how you can stay productive in the face of major distraction and stress: [ Link ]

Feeling Distracted By Politics? 29% of Employees Are Less Productive After U.S. Election
"We stand on the cusp of a new day, one brimming with possibilities that once lived only in the restricted passageways of our dreams.” [ Link ]

Coretta Scott King embodied courage-here's what I learned after spending hours listening to her stories
"Talented Americans come from everywhere, whether they are brand new or have been here forever." Megan Smith on why we need diverse teams to get good results: [ Link ]

Obama's Top Tech Advisor: 'Talented Americans come from everywhere'​
"Taking a stand won’t mean anything if words aren’t followed in practice." The demand that companies do better: [ Link ]

Why brands need a social conscience
"Technology is an enabler when paired with the right application, it enables people to do things better, more efficiently and with better outcomes for all." [ Link ]

What We Can Learn as the Lines Between Physical and Digital, Hardware and Software, Services and Content Become More Blurred
How Snapchat plans to deliver exclusive premium content to further underline its ‘must-have’ status: [ Link ]

The BBC's Planet Earth II, Snapchat And The Premium Content Play