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One of Vodka Cruisers' original flavours is back - Pom Pom! Make sure you don’t take it for pomegranted. Pick it up while stocks last.
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Unleash your inner foodie.
When you pick up these bevvies, make sure you pair it with something delicious.

Like this:

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Win a trip to every AFL Final by buying a bottle of Wolf Blass* from Liquorland.

Luke Beveridge, coach of the Western Bulldogs, has the details:
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When you need a helping hand (or paw) during the NRL season.
Pick up some Bundaberg rum at Liquorland.
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With the fashion shows in Melbourne coming to a close. It’s time to look at some overlooked, but underrated labels this year.

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Wine for dinner. Whiskey for the game. Spend $25 on selected wines and get this Johnnie Walker Red Label for just $29. Hurry, ends Sunday! #TGIFlowprices

Johnnie Walker Red Label 700mL* for $29
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Pure Blonde Premium Mid is the thinking man’s beer.

As in, thinking about cutting down on carbs after raiding the local bakery.
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We’ve come a long way to get to the amazing food pairings we have today. So we want to look back to a simpler time.

Remember when there was no greater pairing than sausage rolls and VB? Such a classic.

To celebrate the week coming to a sweet, sweet end, we’re selling these wines and 6-packs for only $10 in-store. Yep, you read that correctly.

King Kong is back.

While he’s climbing the Empire State Building, swing into Liquorland and pick up one of these Kong Necks... Uh, long necks.
It’s International Women’s Day today. A day to appreciate all things female.

Like the Two Birds beer range – delicious, refreshing, made in Australia’s first female-owned brewery and available at selected Liquorland stores.

Find your nearest store here:
A little Pure Blonde goes a long way. Try this unexpected tropical mix at your next event.
Everyones favourite Huge Jacked-Man is coming back to theatres as the anti-hero we all love.

To celebrate, join the XXXX-men today, and don’t forget your blades... Bar blades that is.
Somersby in a Caprioska is the perfect way to make your sunny days more colourful.
Where does Justin Bieber celebrate his birthday?

A Canadian Club!
When you host a BBQ, you save the good stuff for your best mates.

The ones that help you clean up, and leave their leftovers for you to enjoy the next day.

They’re the ones that get to stay a while, after everyone else has left and drink your favourite, pure Japanese beer.
In our eyes, there’s no wrong answer for best pitcher.

With all the barrelling and ageing this whisky has gone through, we think it deserves the lifetime achievement award this year.
You’ve heard of an Aperol Spritzer, but have you ever thought about adding a strawberry-lime cider to it?

It’s as delicious as it sounds. Try it this cider season.