Lisa Hanna
today at 08:06. Facebook
From my life’s experiences I’ve learned courage has no limits.

Courage can be perceived as stubborn or unreasonable. Courage can force you to stand alone on principle. Courage can create the perception you’re choosing battles unwisely that could adversely affect personal ambition. But courage has a responsibility to future generations to take a stand, and act in a manner that’s in our...
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Lisa Hanna
02/22/2017 at 04:33. Facebook
Young Innovator for the Jamaican Agricultural Sector.
Lisa Hanna
02/20/2017 at 19:45. Facebook
Hon. Lisa Hanna leveled herself and spoke from experiences so close to her heart that everyone was drawn into her words. Lisa particularly spoke to understanding what really matters when it comes to living a life of ' Fun and Happiness ' she referenced mediums of social media and milestones that her audience could relate to, mostly because she has had to relate to these same things...
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Honoured to be Special Guest for World Thinking Day 2017 in St. Vincent & Grenadines over 1500 girls came out in Kingstown today for the city take over Walk #WorldThinkingDay #StVincentGirlsGuidesAssociation
We Reap What We Sow

Are any of you afraid of croaking lizards? I am talking about the big, white, pale juicy ones, about 10 inches long, and fat that slither across the wall... Can you see it on the wall now? Can you feel it? Well what if one night as you open your bedroom door just before you reach for your light switch you feel something drop from the ceiling on the top of your head, and...
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If you want to change the culture you have to start with yourself ... fix what comes out of your mouth ... "Yes is suh it guh!"
"So how you know?"
"Nuh worry bout dat ... mi just know...!"

It always amazes me how people know everybody's business as gospel in this country... they have the facts on people they don't even know or don't have any close proximity to they are more than six degrees...
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My Respect & Admiration Always PSM ❤
The Bonds are Deep and Unbreakable
Let Go, Let's Grow ...See you Next Weekend St. Vincent ... Can't Wait!
"...period of RENEWAL ..." Dr. Peter Phillips
Lift Your Voice Emmanuel Apostolic Church ... Always Wow!!!
Student Councillors from the National Secondary Students Council... Advocates for Jamaica
NSSC Service of Thanksgiving
We must, each and every one us make a commitment as of today to be a force of motivation and inspiration to the young people of Jamaica, to 'never stop till the work done', and with every fibre of our being - to do everything in our power, to remove the degrading, dismissive and disparaging labels ascribed to us as politicians. Only then can we be truly confident that as leaders, boldly...
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Many Moods of Lisa

Humbled is only what I can describe feeling today on my 10 year Anniversary... This is my 10th year attending the ceremonial opening of Parliament as the elected Member Parliament for SE St. Ann. Thank you to everyone for your votes, prayers, support and tough love over the years. I am a better human being because you have allowed me to serve my country...
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Forward Together on a POWERful Mission...

For those who would Stab someone in the back be careful ...There is always the unexpected element of surprise ... Have a Good Night
Here's another secret ... every evening no matter the time I read with a cup of tea. I am in the middle of 3 different books which I alternate. This one, Another called the "Geography of Genius" by Eric Weiner and "Great by Choice" by Jim Collins & Morten T. Hansen even if its just for 15 minutes I make sure I do it not only because I enjoy it but because it enhances my discipline, keeps my...
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"MP can I twist your hair?"
How can I resist
Our Children from the Turnberry Primary School and St. George's today in Moneague SE St. Ann
The is nothing as POWERful as an Idea Whose Time Has Come ...
Peter Phillips is Next President of the People's National Party
Grab ... pull down... squeeze and twist

If he grabs you from behind try to stay calm and don't struggle. Swing your elbow backwards and use the back of your fist and hit him hard in his groin then Grab his genitals hard pull down squeeze and twist like you want to detach/rip them from his body. If you still have strength turn and with all your force take your knee and ram it into his...
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Ladies as we face the uncertainly of being attacked Here are some techniques I was taught in my many years of doing Karate and self defense I had to use one or two of them over the years.

1. The elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you are close enough to use it, especially to his throat, groin or temple of the head

2. Use your fingers and jab him in his eyes and rake down his...
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Who said that you have to live a one dimensional life? Surprise them and dare to demonstrate the all the magnificence that is deep within you so Whatever you doing today Do it with Sass, Style and Grace ... but never lose your Humility in the process ...#GoGetIt