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03/26/2017 at 20:28. Facebook
David picked up a book, brought it over to aunt Chrissie and then turned around to climb on her lap so she'd read to him. This is the first time he's specifically asked to be read to. Everyday he's communicating more and more, and letting us peek into his soul. These small steps are huge accomplishments. And we celebrate because the struggle of having a disability is big and real. We celebrate...
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Lisa Leonard Designs
03/24/2017 at 21:32. Facebook
Chocolate chip cookies with Nutella and a strawberry slice--OH MY GOSH!! Insanely amazing. Try it--you'll thank me. ❀
Lisa Leonard Designs
03/23/2017 at 21:32. Facebook
I basically won the sister lottery--and I don't take it for granted, not for one single second. Love my sisters (and the ones not pictured too!) ❀
We have friends coming over tomorrow evening and I'm working on tidying up the house. I started feeling overwhelmed--why do we have so much STUFF? Why am I not more organized??!
I'm reminding myself, the goal isn't perfection, it's being real and living with an open heart.
Our home is never perfect, just like we aren't perfect. It's eclectic, creative and full of life being lived.
It's full...
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I used to think we would get better at being easygoing and organized. I thought someday the four of us would get into a perfect rhythm.
But instead we are getting better at accepting each other and forgiving each other and loving each other.
Families are made of imperfect people living life together, day in, day out. It's a recipe for disaster, right?! And sometimes it is a disaster, but...
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Daddy on guitar, David on keys. They make some pretty great music together.
Heart shaped chicken strip! Love is everywhere!! ❀
How cute is this outdoor inspiration from @targetstyle? Love it! I'm so ready for summer and sunshine. How about you?
The most important things are time together and maybe a little ice cream.

a slow day in Morro bay
I took a three cuttings from a larger cactus and replanted them in this adorable pot. It's been a few months since I replanted them and nothing has happened. A couple times I almost gave up--thinking they just didn't 'take'. But a couple days ago I spotted that teeny tiny green bud on the top of the middle cutting.
It makes my heart so happy! That little bud represents waiting and hoping and...
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Smiling while daddy sings to him. Music is its own language, don't you think?
Beasley with the biggest SMILE ever!! ❀
Thirteen is an awesome age. I love him. ❀
These two are growing up too fast! I wish I could slow it down but I guess all I can do is try to soak up every minute. ❀
Went on a walk this morning. This succulent was bigger than me!!
Mexican food for lunch, a walk near Morro Rock and ice cream on the way home. Today was a good day. ❀
I've heard there is a vein that runs from the fourth finger directly to the heart. I don't know if it's true or not but I know these rings hold deep significance of what matters deeply to the heart. The names on these rings represent what matters most--love and family and togetherness. Personalize your own rings and keep your loves with you all day. ❀
Friends. ❀
Tulips from a friend, freesia from the front yard, and a french press full of coffee; I'm surrounded by lovely things today! Happy Friday friends! ❀
Louis has the sweetest face. How can I say 'no' to those puppy dog eyes? ❀