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Lisa Mitchell
12/04/2016 at 07:15. Facebook
I'm curious, do you have a favourite song on Warriors? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! I think my favourite song to perform is, 'Josephine.' But I do love letting it all go with, 'The Boys..' ;) x Lisa

Need a refresher? Here are a few hints of what the songs are about... Lisa x [ Hhhhappy.com Link ]

Kirrilee Bailey

Can’t decipher Lisa Mitchell’s new record? Don’t sweat it, because she’s...

Lisa Mitchell
yesterday at 22:35. Facebook
UK / EU, I'm back your way in February ! Tickets are onsale! [ Thelisamitchell.com Link ] x Pic. Tom Vu
Lisa Mitchell
12/02/2016 at 22:10. Facebook
‘Try to trust that things are happening how they want to happen, not always the way you think they will. There’s something to be said for trying to be lighter and kinder with yourself...’ Excerpt from a recent chat with The Design Files.’
Lisa Mitchell
12/02/2016 at 07:05. Facebook
WILD #boysing TIMES last night!!! This photo pretty well sums up our DJ set (with Montaigne ) in Sydney for Matt & Alex from triple j 's farewell! x Jess Gleeson
Lisa Mitchell
12/01/2016 at 23:01. Facebook
'I have folk roots. They are deep and essential to my song-writing, but I will always have that. Right now, it’s 2016 and the colour palette is great! Why would I pass up that opportunity? Eric J Dubowsky, who produced this album, is at that ‘helm’, if you will…' - a snippet from my interview with Wandering Lamb about the making of Warriors. x Ryan Kenny
Lisa Mitchell
12/01/2016 at 11:58. Facebook
well that was fun ! @actualmontaigne and I just finished DJing tonight in honour of a big rave-goodbye for @aedyson + @mattokine #5ravesin5days @triple_j x
Lisa Mitchell
12/01/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
LOVED chatting and singing with artist/storyteller/legend Clare Bowditch this week on her radio show on 774 ABC, Melbourne. If you missed it, check out our chat and duet of Crowded Houses’, ‘Fall At Your Feet’ at the end! Hope you enjoy, I did. Link below! x Lisa

(Interview starts at 1:38.36) [ Abc.net.au Link ]
Lisa Mitchell
11/29/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
In the studio for #Warriors with The Wandering Lamb...
WL: We know Eric J is more inclined to favour modern pop and electro where you tend to find your inspiration in older folk stylings. How easy was it to find a happy medium between you two?
LM: "Yes, there was a bit of a good-war happening between us! I was always recoiling into the story, the essence, the quietness, the messiness, the...
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A Baa Baa Blah with Lisa Mitchell, Talking Warriors, Collaborations and...

Lisa Mitchell
11/27/2016 at 07:10. Facebook
Q: What was the last song that got stuck in your head?
A: To be honest, I was dancing to Mariah Carey’s, ‘Heartbreaker’ a few hours ago and now Heartbreaker is just taking over my brain! Let it, I say! Tune!!!!

Glam Glare Q&A with Lisa!
[ Glamglare.com Link ]

OFFSTAGE: Q & A with Lisa Mitchell – glamglare

Meet Kumi! I am the singing voice of this endearing Lady Bug in the new TV show, Beat Bugs! The first tv show to use The Beatle's catalogue, it introduces a whole new generation of kids to their songs... Kumi's weapons of choice are: spider-web rope + mood bracelet. In Australia it shows on SevenTwo at 7.30am till 2nd December and repeats on Seven streaming. It is also available on Netflix! So...
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This was a sweet interview. I guess this is what happens when you write a song about driving in cars with boys - you get interviewed driving in cars with boys ; ) hehe x

[ Facebook.com Link ]
@chelseasienna x
A feline fan getting up close and personal with Warriors on the turntable... love this! from dunya.
Eep! Looking forward to having a boogie with Montaigne behind the DJ decks! We are DJ-ing at legends Matt and Alex Farewell Party! Dec 1, Beach Road Hotel ! triple j
chatting routines with The Design Files ✨
14:00 - I love to do my own Instagram, it’s a platform I’ve always been attracted to. You know when you’re a kid and you’re collecting all these weird things and you’re putting them in your special box? That’s what it feels like.

Extraordinary Routines · Lisa Mitchell — The Design Files

Big thanks to Chris Hawkins who played Warhol on BBC Radio 6 Music during the week in the UK - "Impressive New Voice".
[ Bbc.co.uk Link ] (8 mins in)
I just sang on @elkroad 's Like A Version for Triple J ! We did 'Crave You', by Flight Facilities. Thanks for having me, Rory! Ps. Wearing beautiful shirt from Annie Hamilton's new collection. x
Alex is really good at this. #boysing I just sang on @elkroad 's Like A Version ! We did 'Crave You', by Flight Facilities. Thanks for having me, Rory! ps. Keep an eye on the triple j website for the Like A Version video! Matt and Alex
✨✨ #tbt tour, Melbourne show ☺ #theboys #davejenkins Joshua Braybook @jtb.media
“Warhol skillfully blends acoustic and electronic elements into a beautiful, but still edgy pop song" Glamglare

SONG PICK: Lisa Mitchell – Warhol – glamglare