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#Serampore #Ganga #hooghlyriver #Nofilter #ancestralviews
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Repost from @elledecor_india using @RepostRegramApp - Do you feel overwhelmed by cold winds that hit as hard as steel? There’s no need to fight them – borrow their ashen tones to mimic them in your home. Log on to elledecor.inΒ and learn how to merge ivory and pale grey into your interiors
Home owner @lisaraniray, Photography byΒ @fabien_charuau, Styling by Mrudul Pathak Kundu Β #home #grey...
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Broke my promise.
But he's so damn cute.
#cotondetulear #Matteo
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This glorious woman and her completely exquisite designs had me enraptured all afternoon.
#narcisapheres exudes design from every pore of her being. Her newest collection for luxe Japanese brand #Maki is called #Aristeia which translates to excellence and perfection.
Inspired by #Kyoto, Narcisa draws out the essence of old Japan and to craft memorable, investment pieces.

#MichelleObama wore a...
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Lisa Ray
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I see roosters everywhere.
#YearoftheRooster #Sohofama #HongKong
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Congratulation my beauty @ingridburgos on your first #HongKong pop up
@studioingridburgos produces unique jewellery, bags and shoes all handcrafted with love in the earrings and neckpiece Ingrid and I are wearing.
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To describe myself, I have to talk about geography.
The latitude and longitude of my childhood has embroidered the edges of my life with curiosity.
This village temple outside Calcutta, for instance, was both a desirable playground and haven for a dreamy, only child from suburban Toronto.
Lisa Ray
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Lisa Ray
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The #Ganga thread seamlessly through my childhood, bifurcating the diverse parts of my growing years. Suburban Canada dissolved into summers spent exploring the river from this exact spot in #seramporeghat, fleeing the torrid heat of #Calcutta,
If I had to choose a single image which sums the earliest playground for my imagination, this is it.
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#majorthrowback to @Rado shoot with one of my favs @kaushikanu
Repost from @kaushikanu using @RepostRegramApp - #anukaushikhairmakeup#lisaray❀
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Year of the rooster is almost upon us
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Repost from @simakumar using @RepostRegramApp - Sunday Best: "We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells,...
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Matteo's crush.

Repost from @natasha.moor using @RepostRegramApp - Beeeessst day ever with this angel Matteo and my one and onlyyyyy @lisaraniray Mr @mashmoorjani I hope you're jealous!!!! You have major competition #laughallday #kisses #matteo #love #puplove #cutie
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Woodworking enthusiasts.
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Last #Matteo post for a while.
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Hair pilgrimage to @hollywoodhairhk reaps rich rewards.
Hugs to #RennieFensham for this beautiful color.
So much work for effortlessly luxe locks.
Lisa Ray
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#AnimalFarm #HKStreetArt
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Exquisitely talented singer/songwriter and my soul sister Tara MacLean-Grand is offering a collection of unreleased material through #noisetrade for FREE.
Download her haunting work only this month and sign up to pre-order Tara's new album.

Love you Tara! Keep creating. We're all listening.

[ Link ]

Tara MacLean: Evidence