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Getting started with Lite n’ Easy is easy! Follow these simple steps to have fully prepared, delicious meals delivered to your door.
Step 1. Follow this link to check when we deliver to your neighbourhood
Step 2. Find out which Lite n’ Easy meal plan is best for you here
Step 3. Follow this link to set up your account and place your order!
Step 4. Sit back and enjoy your dietitian...
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Life is much easier!
“With Lite n’ Easy I am now eating a great variety of healthy, properly portioned meals and feeling so much better. The best part is, I don’t have to cook at all!” See more of Tania’s story at [ Link ]

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Did you know that carrots are a good source of fibre and vitamins such as beta-carotene, B-vitamins, vitamin C and potassium, all important for body functions and wellbeing? Enjoy the Fresh Cut Carrots with Ricotta on Day 2, Week D of the Summer Menu.
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Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can be harmful to your health? If you have an office job and spend long hours at your desk try setting an alarm reminding you to get up and go for a quick two minute walk every 20 minutes to help minimise the damage.
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Have you tried the Sliced Chicken Breast with Thai Salad and Hoisin Dressing? It’s available on Day 1, Week C of the Summer Menu. Tell us if you liked it by commenting on this post.
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It’s Teal Ribbon Day today! This annual event held by Ovarian Cancer Australia raises awareness and funds in support of women living with ovarian cancer. To find out more visit the Ovarian Cancer Australia website .

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“After my divorce I decided it was time to get my life back on track and feel good about myself again. With Lite n’ Easy I lost 13 kilos in no time at all and I have a completely new lease on life!”
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Cranberries add delicious natural sweetness to the Maple Coconut Crunch with Cranberries snack, available on Day 1, Week D of the Summer Menu. They also contribute toward your recommended 2 serves of fruit per day.
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If you’re losing weight, being a mindful eater and taking the time to enjoy your food can help you stay on track to reaching your goals. Here are a few tips on practicing mindful eating and making your Lite n’ Easy eating experience a pleasurable one.
• Check your menu and preparation instructions on labels
• Present the food attractively on a plate
• Take notice of portion sizes
• Always...
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The NEW Autumn Menu will be available next week! There are loads of exciting new options along with some delicious favourites, perfect for autumn. Visit our website to place your order now .
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Positivity and hard work go a long way! #LitenEasy #SimplyEatWell #MondayMotivation
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Have you set yourself new exercise goals this year? Make sure you don’t burn yourself out by going too hard too early. Your body needs time to adjust, so increase the intensity and frequency of your workout over time.
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The Summer Week D Menu is coming up next week and there are loads of delicious options to choose from. Berry Bircher Muesli, Beef Rissoles with Coleslaw and Choc Hazelnut Fruit Mix are just a few of the options available to order with next week’s delivery. What are you looking forward to having next week? To place your order now visit [ Link ].
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“As a surfer on the world qualifying circuit trying to crack the professional ranks, I needed to lose weight to stay competitive. Lite n’ Easy helped me to lose 10 kilos and it’s awesome!”
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The NEW Autumn Menu is available to download from our Website now! Visit to check out the delicious breakfast and lunch options coming up on the Autumn Menu now.
Have you tried the Sweet Pumpkin Mini Muffin? It’s available on Day 3, Week B of the Summer Menu. We’d love to know your feedback, so comment on this post and let us know what you think.