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Tickets on sale now at [ Link ]
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IB Kamara
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It’s been awhile but we’re so happy to finally share some new music with you all!
Directed by Ossian Melin
Watch the full video here: [ Link ]
Coachella get ready!
Houston we have a problem !
Does anyone in Houston have a Nord Wave we can borrow for tonights show ?
Houston! We finished packing and are heading over!
Foto by Fred
Los Angeles / Stockholm
Photo by Fred
Foto by Fred
Hey People,
Please support our friend Johannes Nyholm's kickstarter! He has been a buddy of ours since way back and his work is always unique. Johannes is a perfectionist and a creative genius ( as we learned when we workt with him on our twice video ) Nowadays he lives in a cave! Please go check his Kickstarter page and share!
Peace & Love

The Giant
Don't miss our one and only show this year! See you in LA! Peace & Love / LD