Little Italy
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It's just about that time! Where are you heading for happy hour? #LittleItalySD

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Little Italy
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Italy Magazine explores the history, culture and attractions of San Diego's Little Italy – check it out! #LittleItalySD

Where to Find Italy in America: San Diego's Little Italy
Little Italy
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Coming or going? #LittleItalySD

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Little Italy
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If you enjoy puppy sightings, lounging in piazzas and eating delicious food, you may want to consider visiting San Diego's Little Italy this weekend. #LittleItalySD

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Little Italy
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What do you have your sights set on this weekend? #LittleItalySD

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Did you get caught in the rain? Duck for cover in one of our boutiques! ☔ #LittleItalySD

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Not sure how to enjoy this cool, rainy weather? Two words: comfort food. #LobsterRoll #LittleItalySD

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A fashionable take on #ThatRedChairSD!

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It's been a truly beautiful day. Buona notte! #LittleItalySD

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Same. Recover from the post-holiday work week in San Diego's Little Italy! #LittleItalySD

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Leaving work on #NationalSpaghettiDay like... #LittleItalySD

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Grazie mille to everyone who contributed to the good times, delicious flavors and love that exuded from our neighborhood in 2016! We can't wait to see what the New Year has in store – saluti! #LittleItalySD

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Celebrate New Year's Eve at the Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market! #LittleItalySD

Enjoy This Year's Last Little Italy Mercato
All is calm, all is bright. #BuonNataleSD #LittleItalySD

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Kick off New Year's Eve at the Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market, open this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.! To get you inspired, here are a few pro tips from Chef Javier Plascencia of Little Italy's Bracero Cocina – enjoy! #LittleItalySD
It's nice and cozy here in San Diego's Little Italy! What are your plans tonight?

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas #BuonNataleSD
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the [insert beverage here] is delightful...Happy Friday! #BuonNataleSD #LittleItalySD

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The Little Italy Association is proud to present our 2017 @LittleItalySD Calendar, filled with 12 of our favorite photos taken by Instagrammers! You can get your copy here ($15 + shipping): [ Link ]