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Determining any participant's Little League age is easy with our age calculator tool!

Little League Age Calculator
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No one wants to submit an accident insurance claim. But if you have to, here's how.

Your Guide to Submitting an Accident Insurance Claim
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Recruiting more volunteers before the start of your Local Little League season? Let us help.

Volunteer Recruitment Guide
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Volunteers need spring training too. Local umpire clinics, like this one, are a great way to prepare for the upcoming Little League season!
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A checklist for getting your Local Little League fields ready for the new season!

How To: Getting Ready for the Season
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Stats have their place, but happy Little Leaguers are much more important.

Successful Coaches Know that Smiles are More Important than Stats
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"My wish for you is to know for yourself the joy I receive when giving back"
-Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Read more: [ Link ]
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Facility repairs are vital to preventing injury. Don't find out the hard way, like this local Little League did.

Don't Let This Happen: Failure to Make Facility Repairs Leads to Injury
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Little League operations are ongoing throughout the year, regardless of where your league is located. Use this guide as a quick check for what's coming up.

Operational Guide for Local Little League Programs
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Eight things to consider when building your league's game schedule.

How To Organize a Game Schedule
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A one-stop shop for all of the forms and publications you need ahead of opening day!

Little League Forms & Publications
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Everything you need to know about USA Baseball's changing baseball bat standards - all in one place!

Little League Adopts New USA Baseball Bat Standards for 2018
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Make sure to have your league and teams set up on GameChanger, the approved scorekeeping app of Little League: [ Link ]
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Four women, who have all excelled in various and unique professional fields as adults, have been honored with enshrinement in the Little League Hall of Excellence. #NGWSD

Meet the Women of the Little League Hall of Excellence
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Make sure these three key skills are being evaluated at your local league's tryouts.

Three Skills to Evaluate During Player Tryouts
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Check out the new home for Little League Softball at
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Tag a volunteer who could use this #TeeBallTuesday tip!

Our full 12-week Tee Ball curriculum is here: [ Link ]