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This guy loves head scratches more than anything!

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Eliza Curby gave birth to her daughter, Charlie, in January 2016. Just weeks later, she woke up with a pounding headache and immediately sought answers from her doctor, who gave her the very unexpected news. She couldn’t believe it, and didn’t even think that this pregnancy was possible.

Woman Gives Birth To Daughter. 6 Weeks Later, Doctor Says There Are 2 More Babies Inside Her
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Jake the Poodle, a Certified Pet Partner Therapy Dog, is here to play! Happy Friday!
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There was a rumor going around at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio. Apparently, science teacher Jason Seifert and math teacher Allyson Barker were dating. Well, it was about to be more than that.

Science Teacher Confesses He’s Dating His Coworker, But Kids Don’t Know He’s About To Propose
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Though Billy Flynn and his wife are no longer together, they have two sons. Unlike many ex-husbands, he still goes out of his way to make her breakfast and buy her flowers for her birthday. Many ask why he would do things like this for her, and now his answer is sweeping the web.

Strangers Are Baffled By Dad’s Romantic Gift For Ex-Wife, Then He Tells Them About Their 2 Sons
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Getting a colonoscopy is so important, but I'm definitely glad I know to be ready for #8 before it happens!

9 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Colonoscopy
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Elizabeth Holt was at work when her husband and 3 sons showed up, each with a bouquet of flowers in their hands. Holt got very emotional at the surprise, but when one of her sons asked "Where's your keys at?" her happiness turned to confusion.

Mom Cries As 3 Sons Surprise Her With Flowers, But Is Confused When They Hand Her Car Keys
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A 3-year-old from Brick, New Jersey, was concerned about her mom. Then a 911 operator received this interesting call from her.

3-Year-Old’s Mom Won’t Say Hi To Her, So She Grabs The Phone And Asks Police To ‘Come Over’
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Giraffe Cam is up and running live! This big mama is close to giving birth so we'll be giving you updates on how she's feeling on this morning's episode of Refresh!

VIDEO COURTESY: Animal Adventure Park
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Christina Knaack is a single mother who works a minimum-wage job. She earned a huge tax return this year, but she declared on Facebook that she wasn't using it to shower her kids with expensive gifts. When the mom announced what she was really going to spend the money on, she left everyone stunned.

Single Mom Gets $5,400 Tax Return, But She Refuses To Buy Gifts For Her Kids
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Judge Caprio didn’t know how to charge a mom for not paying her $100 parking ticket, so he called the woman’s 6-year-old daughter to the bench. The little girl had to choose how much the fine would be, but she admitted that she hadn’t eaten the whole morning. With that knowledge, the judge knew exactly what to do.

Judge Charges Mom For Parking Violation, Then Changes His Mind When Daughter Says She’s Starving
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My dog loves a little massage anyway, but I never realized it could help with everything from stomach problems to joint pain!

9 Areas Of Your Dog You Should Be Massaging For Their Health
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She explained that she needed the bike at 2 in the morning because of a situation involving "drunk boys, a dead phone and no money."

Teen Steals Cop’s Bike, Then Returns It To Him With An Apology Note
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The woman had no idea what the little boy wanted until he melted her heart.

9-Year-Old Hands A Homeless Woman An Old Purse, Then He Shows Her A Survival Kit Is Inside
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Nora the polar bear deserves a perfect 10 for this dive! Have you ever seen a polar bear act like this at the zoo?

Camera Catches Polar Bear Flopping Belly First Into The Water At Zoo
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This is called one of the most "extreme" transformations, and you're about to find out why!

Pretty Woman Goes To Salon With Signature Long Hair, But The Stylist Ends Up Chopping It Off
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I definitely had no idea about the role of women in their community — or that Quakers were responsible for #7 and #10!

10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Quakers