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Officer Joshua Scaglione initially pulled LaVonte over for having tinted windows, but things took an unexpected turn when he noticed his 3-year-old daughter sitting in the back without a car seat. LaVonte, a struggling single dad, couldn't believe what the officer said to him in response.

Rookie Cop Notices Child Without Car Seat, Then Tells Nervous Dad To Follow Him Down The Road

A black and white dog was having trouble getting out of this iced-over pond. When he thought all hope was lost, a shirtless hero appeared.

Dog Is Trapped In Icy Pond But When Shirtless Man Comes To Help, He Starts Biting His Rescuer

There are people out there who don't believe dogs can feel powerful emotions, like thankfulness, happiness, or love. But watch this little girl's face, and you'll see she's smiling!

Dog Forced To Grow Up In A Rust Box Gets Emotional When She Touches Grass For The First Time

This little baby is ADORABLE.

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Lip balm is secretly one of the most useful things you own. Do you always carry a tube with you?

8 Surprising Ways To Use ChapStick You Might Not Know About

Asher, who has Down syndrome, was rejected from the first modeling agency he applied for. But now he's being featured in a holiday catalog, and he's making a big step forward for the representation of people with disabilities in the media.

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Did you know that feet could be so sensitive? There is no way I'll be doing #7 again.

9 Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Feet Again

This mom shares an inspiring message about her body after having kids and how happy she is, despite society's standards.

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No one deserves to be publicly humiliated like this. What would you do if you were told not to eat so much?

Camera Catches Rude Woman Verbally Assaulting Heavy Stranger On A Buffet Line

No one should operate any type of machinery while drunk and this footage is so important. If the man in the white hat didn’t step in, who knows what would have happened?

Drunk Dad Says He’s Going To Drive His Family Home On Their Boat But He Can’t Even Walk Straight

No one likes to talk about their bathroom business — but if you've ever been irregular, you know just how painful, miserable, and serious it is. Everyone needs to know these tricks.

Have The Best Poops Every Single Time With These 10 Little-Known Tips

Libby has been growing her hair out since she was 14 years old. When she visited ‘Today’ with her friends, she decided it was time to change up her appearance. The look on her friends' faces clearly shows their approval!

Teen Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In 5 Years, Then Her Friends Freak Out After She Gets A Makeover

The group of humans was trying to watch the animals in their natural habitat, but they got a lot more than they bargained for!

Elephant Accidentally Farts In Public, Then Her Best Friend Runs Away From The Stink

Farrah was sick of people making fun of her daughter’s unibrow, so she took matters into her own hands.

Bullies Make Fun Of 3-Year-Old’s Unibrow, Then Mom Tries To Wax It Off

Edith Macefield is what you might call a firecracker or a tough cookie. The woman led a courageous life, she learned French and English then joined military. After serving in England, officials…

Greedy Rich Man Tries To Buy Grandma’s Home, Then She Has The Last Laugh And Gives It To Charity

You might be surprised at how bad even the smallest mistake could cost you when it comes to your pearly whites. I know I’m guilty of #4, but I can’t believe I never knew about #9!

9 Ordinary Things Dentists Say You Should Never Do To Your Teeth

Heather’s cheating, thieving husband left her to raise 8 kids by herself so he could be with his mistress.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that her loyal friends Vanessa and Brooke weren’t done with him yet.

Cheating Jerk Steals His Wife’s Favorite Scarf, So Her 2 Besties Tell The Whole World

How have I never known about this? It's perfect for wrapping oddly shaped items or when you're in a pinch.

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OK, some people might say this is gross, but it's pretty serious! Do you do this in your home?

8 Important Reasons You Should Always ‘Let It Mellow’ When You Pee

I was just about to throw out all my old nail-polish bottles, but these are much better ideas. My old sneakers desperately need #4!

10 Ways You Can Use Cheap Old Nail Polish To Totally Transform Your Home