Meteorologist Heather Haley couldn’t keep it together when her young nephew Landon escaped the grasp of an adult and crashed her live report to entertain viewers watching at home. His antics had to be stopped by a stage manager, who rushed out in front of the camera before he got too out of hand.

Nephew Crashes Meteorologist’s Live Report, So Manager Rushes Over To Grab Him
In 2009 Joel was in a devastating car accident that left him unable to walk, talk or stand. His wife Lauren promised him that when he could stand again, they would renew their vows.
When Ashley Wadleigh takes her kids out to eat, she’s usually not surprised when strangers move away. But when one woman hid her face as her husband sought out a different table, the mother couldn’t help but take it personally. Annoyed, she asked the waiter why the strangers were behaving this way — and his response made her totally change her mind.

Mom Of 3 Takes Kids To Red Robin, But Is Angry When Couple Next To Them Changes Tables
Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic has a special guest, her kids' pediatrician, and she has a prescription for all parents: you don't need to be perfect.
When June the raccoon was only a few days old, she fell out of a tree. Thankfully a human family rescued here, and now she loves to cuddle and play!

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Kay was busy cleaning out the pantry in the garage when she heard her husband Dave sneak up behind her. She turned around to see what he wanted, but when she looked closer at Dave — her husband of 38 years — she couldn't believe what he was holding. Kay was so shocked, in fact, that she dropped everything and fell down at his feet.

She’s Cleaning Up, Then Turns To See Husband Solved A Mystery That’s Haunted Her For 15 Years
This dad couldn’t get his 3-month-old son to stop crying. The baby boy was missing his mom too much. Then, dad had a brilliant idea.

Dad Sees Baby Won’t Stop Crying When Mom Leaves To Run Errands, Then Gently Holds Up Her Shirt
Can you imagine your toddler popping her head into the bathroom and saying this? I would be in tears!

Mom Puts Baby Down For Nap And Goes To The Bathroom, Then A Tiny Head Peeks In
Transform your old greeting cards into adorable crafts for your home.
Nilsa was brought blindfolded to a water tower in Boca Raton, Florida. Little did she know, her boyfriend, Frank Mckinney, had done something absolutely crazy — and illegal.

Boyfriend Brings Blindfolded Woman To Water Tower, But She Has No Idea He Broke The Law
When rescuers found Barnaby the black bear, he was severely underweight. They started feeding him a careful diet to help him gain weight, and were overjoyed to see that he was recovering. But soon after, they discovered the secret the bear had been hiding: when Chris Mattern, a bear expert, heard a baby crying in the bear's den, he was in for the surprise of his life.

Man Finds Starving Male Bear In Barn. Months Later He Hears Baby’s Cry Coming From The Hay
I have almost all of these in my bathroom right now — and I never realized just how gross #3 actually was!

10 Common Things You Should Absolutely Never Store In Your Bathroom
Javier Perez, a former South Dade High School principal, suffered a terrible tragedy when he lost his legs in a car accident. Recently, he went to pick up his car, which was supposed to have been outfitted with special hand controls. But when the worker brought him a completely different vehicle, he was stunned.

Principal Who Lost Legs Goes To Pick Up Car, But Worker Brings Him Completely Different One
After Ron Reeser's car stalled in the middle of the road, a stranger arrived and offered to help. Reeser never could have expected to see the man who was looking at him from behind the wheel of the black SUV.

He’s Stranded In Middle Of Road When Stranger Offers To Help, But Has No Idea The Man Is Famous
Kylie and Phillip hoped their second pregnancy would result in twins, since multiples run in both of their families. After Kylie got pregnant, the doctor looked closer at her ultrasound — and she couldn't help but laugh at the shocking news.

Couple Expects Normal Pregnancy, But When Doctor Reveals Ultrasound, Mom Is In Hysterics
I had no idea there were this many restrictions for the royal family — or how much trouble Kate’s mom reportedly got into for saying #4!

10 Ordinary Things You’ll Absolutely Never Hear The Royal Family Say Out Loud