These animals are fascinating on their own, but to watch her interact with a human like this is captivating. Adolfo was Kiara’s first adoptive dad. He might have thought she’d forget him, but that’s clearly not the case.

Incredible Footage Shows Lion Reuniting With First Adoptive Dad And Pinning Him To The Floor
What would you ask God?

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I know #6 is supposed to be "helpful," but it actually drives me nuts!

10 Things You Should Absolutely Never Say To Your Daughter
Erica Moore will never doubt her outer beauty again, that’s for sure. This is sweet revenge for all of those bullies!

Woman Loses 90 Pounds After Constant Bullying And Transforms Into Blonde Bombshell
Sarah and Rebecca walked up to their dad Scott wearing wedding gowns and holding bouquets of flowers — despite the fact he thought both of his daughters were single.

Identical Twins Approach Dad In Wedding Dresses, But Neither One Of Them Is Engaged
There are so many little items I've never thought of before! Anyone who drives needs to read this.

10 Lifesaving Items You Should Never, Ever Remove From Your Car
Gene was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, which affects his vision, before he even met his wife. The couple eventually became parents, then recently went on "The Rachael Ray Show" to give Gene the chance to see his baby and wife — for the very first time.

Blind Dad Has Never Seen Wife And Son Before, Loses It When He Looks At Them For The First Time
All it took was $40 worth of pennies — but when he was finished, it looked like a million bucks! This is so gorgeous and creative.

Man Who Lives In School Bus Cuts Pennies In Half To Create Stunning Countertop
I love onion rings, and this recipe makes them even yummier. What a great party appetizer!

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Kassandra was 4 centimeters dilated for 15 days! At her next check-up, she was so frustrated that she disappeared to the bathroom with an idea... but she didn't expect results like this!

Pregnant Mom Is In Labor For Two Weeks, So She Tries Inducing Labor In The Bathroom And Keels Over
A postal worker was always excited to see young Matthew on her route. Then one day, she noticed the boy was gone. Months went by without the boy appearing, so she decided to find out what happened to him. That's when she discovered the sad truth.

Postal Worker Notices Boy On Route Is Gone, Then 20 Mail Trucks Show Up At His House
Jimmy's wife Billie died at the age of 83. Two days later, Jimmy happened to notice a note tucked away in her checkbook. Since she was always an avid note writer, he assumed it was another reminder she left for herself — but when Jimmy picked it up, he couldn't believe what she saw.

His Wife Of 60 Years Dies, Then He Looks In Her Checkbook And Sees A Note She Kept Hidden
“I guess I like cooking from scratch because I’m an artist.”

Grandmother Marguerite Snider — who happens to also be mom to famous rockstar Dee Snider — shows just how easy it is to whip up one of her family’s all-time favorite dishes: tuna tomato casserole!

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Kristi's 19-year-old daughter, Haley, swears she is pregnant with baby Jesus. Despite 6 negative pregnancy tests, Haley believes she is almost 9 months pregnant. Kristi decided to get her daughter an ultrasound to uncover the truth, once and for all.

Teen’s 6 Pregnancy Tests Are Negative, But She Says She’s Pregnant With Jesus
I think these just made me fall in love with her even more — especially #4!

10 Things You Never Knew About The Royal Sweetheart, Kate Middleton
Surveillance cameras captured Scott and Debreh walking into Rite Aid — and Debreh wandering out of the drugstore all alone. Debreh has Alzheimer's and slipped out when her husband turned his back. Scott spent the rest of the week frantically searching for her. But days later, Scott received a phone call from the police department. Thank God they started filming his reaction.

Old Man's Wife Vanishes From Rite Aid, But 4 Days Later, Cops Call Him With A Stunning Update