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Meet Lupe Reyes, a brave mother, who is loving her daughter in the best way she can.

"I choose to have her pass on her own in the comfort of my womb...or in my arms as I tell her how much I love her. She isn’t going to die to the pain of an injection and metal instruments or a strange doctor’s voice as he takes her life."

Told my daughter will die at birth, I am refusing abortion
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Little Zoe, who has brittle bone disease, is brightening up the world, thanks to her parents’ refusal to abort her.

Parents of little girl with brittle bone disease refused abortion: We 'would not change Zoe'
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Here's another attempt to push abortion on taxpayers and young women facing difficult circumstances. Help us share the truth about medical abortions by sharing the videos at and the truth about abortion reversal by sharing .

California bill would require public colleges to provide medical abortions to students
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Stop and think: If abortion is awful or inhumane for one reason, how can it be ok for any other?

Why are sex-selective abortions so offensive, if abortion itself isn't?
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After being raped by someone very close to her, Witlee almost had the Morning After Pill forced on her by hospital staff. But in the midst of her dire circumstances, this young woman courageously did everything she could to choose life.

One woman tells it all: How I chose life after being raped
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“I wanted to share him on Facebook so that...everyone could see what a perfectly formed little human he was just at 14 weeks. He wasn’t just a ball of nothing, or tissue. He was perfect, and we could hold him in the palm of our hand."

Parents share pictures of Baby Gabriel miscarried at 14 weeks: 'He was perfect'
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We love this! During pregnancy, "Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot celebrated the life of her preborn child and called her ability to have children her "superpower."

'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot celebrates pregnancy: I am thankful for all the 'wonders' in my life
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Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger held disturbing views on eugenics and population control. Her legacy led to the birth of America's biggest abortion chain, which commits over 320,000 abortions every year.
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"This has got to stop. We need to protect the preborn and not be funding Planned Parenthood."

Live Action President Lila Rose shares why Congress and President Donald J. Trump must stop abortion giant Planned Parenthood from killing over 320,000 innocent children every year — one child every 97 seconds.
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Another Planned Parenthood has closed its doors for good!

A Maryland facility that was in business for 20 years is no longer in operation since it shut down on St. Patricks Day.

CLOSED: Maryland Planned Parenthood abortion clinic shuts down
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Defunding Planned Parenthood means women will be able to access more health care options than ever before.

Redirecting the abortion giant's over $500 million in annual tax dollars to over 13,000 local health clinics actually increases women's access to care.

No, defunding Planned Parenthood would not mean less healthcare access for women
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"17 million African Americans...have been aborted since Roe v. Wade."

Former Democratic staffer Louis Brown urges President Donald Trump to protect human life, noting how abortion has disproportionally affected African Americans.
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If Tomi Lahren loves the Constitution, she must recognize that all people -- preborn and born -- deserve to be protected.

Sorry, Tomi: You can't compare guns to abortion
"I realized the baby was the innocent victim in all of this."

Kathi Aultman used to be an abortionist — now she's pro-life. Watch as she tells Congress what caused her to change her mind about abortion.
"We just talk about how ugly abortion is. And that’s true. It is ugly. But I think it’s time to shift the conversation back to life itself...Life is worth giving to other people because love is worth living for. Love is worthy of being experienced."

I was adopted and I'm so grateful for the gift of life
Thank you, Miss North Dakota Macy Christianson, for using your voice to speak up for the voiceless!

Miss North Dakota speaks out against abortion: 'We support unborn women who can’t speak for themselves'
"'I think it’s a Greek dish,' says Teresa, laughing so hard that tears begin to roll down her face and we can barely understand her. 'It’s fetustu.' There is no containing any of us now. 'There is mincemeat pie for dessert,' someone shouts. 'And that isn’t tomato juice you’re drinking.'"

Abortion workers joke about dead babies: 'I think it’s a Greek dish — it's fetustu'
The first duty of government is the protection of human life — and that begins with our smallest citizens.

Protecting preborn children is not about bigger government; it's about human life
"Does abortion take an innocent life?"

Watch Tucker Carlson baffle Planned Parenthood's vice president over abortion. It's getting harder and harder for Planned Parenthood to defend the killing of innocent children.