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"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." #livestrong #fightcancer
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Two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner is headed to the North Pole and he’s taking a flag of names of people who’ve been
touched by cancer with him. We're proud to be partnering with Sean and Mission of Hope. Please consider a donation to support this effort and add your name to the list: [ Link ]

Click here to support Mission of Hope by the CancerClimber Association
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"I am now happy to declare I am a 2+ year survivor with NED! It was a journey that I would not have been able to handle without the unconditional support of my family and friends, and great organizations like LIVESTRONG." Today's #cancerstory comes from Jeff, a Stage III-b colon cancer survivor. Read it here: [ Link ] Thanks Jeff for sharing your story!
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"After I finished cancer treatment I thought I would feel better. Well, I didn't, I felt worse." - Your cancer journey doesn't end just because you've finished treatment. We're here to help you take control of your life after treatment. Here's Gloria's story.
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Later this week the Ultimate Cycle Challenge takes place in Holland MI, and will be supporting LIVESTRONG for the TWELFTH consecutive year! This 100% volunteer based event brings family and friends together to keep stationary bikes in constant motion while enjoying 12 hours of entertainment. A very special thanks to organizers Tony and Michelle, to the volunteers who make it happen, and to all...
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If you don't know Jack, you should! We love Jack!

"21-year-old cancer patient meets teen behind 'I Know Jack Pack'" - read the full story: [ Link ] #iknowjack
Our #fightcancerfriday love goes out to Laura! Laura was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cervical cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoma in October 2016, at the age of 25. She's currently finishing her first round of treatment. Keep on smiling Laura! :) You can read her story here: [ Link ]
"I found the only way of coping and making sense of this experience was to see it as a journey that I was meant to take for several reasons. One of them being to teach me the real definition of gratitude. Also, to show me the strength and perseverance I had hidden in me."
Laura's #cancerstory: [ Link ]

Finding a Hidden Strength and Perseverance
“You find out what real love is all about when your life is turned upside down"

Couple Turn Cancer Diagnosis Into Incredible Love Story
More study needed, but the findings so far "appear to represent a major step forward in improving the quality of life of individuals with cancer," via NPR

Cooling Cap May Limit Chemo Hair Loss In Women With Breast Cancer
We you! To the cancer survivors, caregivers, family, friends, and anyone who gives support and brings hope to those going through the cancer journey - Happy Valentines Day!
Your cancer story could help others--whether it’s about your diagnosis, your treatment, your recovery or someone you know affected by cancer. Your story is important.

To submit your cancer story, or to hear more stories, visit:
Cancer may leave your body, but it never leaves your life.
#fightcancerfriday #livestrong
The LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program helps cancer survivors regain physical and emotional strength surrounded by a supportive community of survivors and instructors. Find a program near you at
If you’ve had a health insurance claim denied, learn your rights and how to take action: [ Link ]

Appealing Insurance Claim Denials
"I knew that I had to beat this disease and I needed to live for my son. I would not allow him to grow up without a father." - on today's blog, Sampson shares his non-Hodgkin lymphoma story.

“Cancer Free” — The Best Feeling in the World
Whether you run, walk, ride, tri, or even ultimate frisbee, you can be #OneInTheFight against cancer with Team LIVESTRONG. Check out our full events calendar and get involved:

Team LIVESTRONG Events 2017
Last week the #Austin community came together to welcome the Inaugural Director of the #LIVESTRONGCancerInstitutes, Gail Eckhardt, and brainstormed ways to fill the gaps in the patient's cancer journey. Learn more here: [ Link ] on Dell Medical School - UT Austin's blog.

Shaping the Future of Cancer Care, Together