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Our CEO Sean Moriarty on Cheddar after ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell this morning
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Meet your new, inexpensive workout buddy: the resistance band. These bands are a great way to strengthen every muscle in your body, especially those hard-to-target stabilizer muscles around the hips and shoulders. Unlike weight machines or even free weights, resistance bands provide tension through…

The Ultimate Full-Body Resistance Band Workout
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Feel like a kid again with these guilt-free coconut-crusted chicken nuggets (via Glow by PopSugar)
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Develop your upper body while targeting your core, too

13 Press Variations for a Crazy Strong Upper Body
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21 places around the country where your chances of being sickened, maimed, eaten or flat-out killed increase dramatically.

The 21 Most Lethal Places to Live in America
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Get your fix by sneaking more protein in throughout the day (via Men's Health)

13 Easy Ways to Get More Protein In Your Diet
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Tag your favorite fit mom
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A sloppy plank can cause wrist, neck, shoulder, and lower-back injuries (via Prevention Magazine)

4 Plank Mistakes You’re Making—And How To Fix Them
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It's especially effective if you've been yo-yo dieting for years

Lose Weight by Eating More? The Surprising Truth About Reverse Dieting
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You'll love this antioxidant-rich super soup! ( via Mixed Makeup) Recipe: [ Link ]
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Top riders swear by these moves (via BICYCLING magazine)

Strength Train Like a Pro
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It's better to be proactive about your health than wait for something to go wrong

Medical Tests Every Man Needs to Be Healthy for Life
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If you’re thinking: “It’s cool — I see my OB/GYN every year,” think again

Medical Tests Every Woman Needs to Be Healthy for Life
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This Vegetarian Cream of Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie is calling your name (via Thrive Market)

What you need ➜ [ Link ]
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Don’t believe your eyes when it comes to serving size

7 Tricks to Make Portion Control Easy
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Turn up the intensity with 7 intense planking variations

Track your Plank Challenge progress:
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