Resolutions. We all made them. If yours was to make an even bigger impact in 2017, would you pray about joining us on a short-term trip to Guatemala? We have spots open on three trips—February 25-March 4, March 4-11, and March 11-18. Together we can bring the wonderful people of Guatemala safe water as we share about the hope we have in Jesus Christ!

Email Melissa Posada at
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Looking for something to do on a Friday night? This is one FUN group to hang out with! Sending a BIG shout out to all of the young professionals with Water Works Houston who just raised more than $22,000 IN ONE NIGHT at their New Year’s Eve party! WOW! Watch out—this group is going to change the world!
We’re celebrating over here! Thanks to your generosity, and our amazing God who brings water from dry ground, we’ve just completed our 675th safe water project for the beautiful people of El Salvador. Because of you, young men, like these, are able to stay in school! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

by Kristen Bittel
Congratulations to the 140 members of Team Living Water who ran nearly 2,500 miles in the Chevron Houston Marathon this weekend, raising an incredible total of $181,000 for safe water projects. You endured so others don’t have to continue to face life without safe water! We are so grateful for your sacrifice—thank you!

Photos by Eggcellent Video + Photography
Have you been wanting to help the people of Haiti, but haven’t been sure how? Join us on a short-term trip, along with a team of other safe water advocates, as we travel with one mission—to bring safe water and the love of Christ to one Haitian community! Just a few spots still open on our March 4-11 trip!⠀⠀

Email David Leatherwood at for more information or go to for...
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“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”—Proverbs 3:27, NIV
There is some serious jumping up and down going on here, not to mention lots of thankful tears!⠀

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote and share, Living Water was voted as the favorite charity for the Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason program, WINNING $51,000! That’s over 2,000 families that will have safe water and a better future because of YOU!⠀

We can’t say thank you...
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Thank you to everyone who voted for Living Water as your favorite Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason charity! Stay tuned tomorrow morning for the results! The winner will be announced at 7:15 am (CST) on ABC13 Houston, the Longhorn Network, and ESPN3. Join us as we find out whether or not we won 51K towards safe water projects! We don’t know about you, but we’re on the edge of our...
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This is the kind of smile you’ll see when you join us March 5-11 in Nicaragua! Whether you decide to spend your time helping with the drilling, or you want to have fun teaching hygiene and sanitation, you’ll get the chance to be a part of bringing safe water and the gospel to these wonderful people.⠀

Email Jordan Griebner at for more information or go to for all upcoming...
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Six spots are now open on our March 4–11 short-term trip to Honduras. You’ll be working alongside an amazing group of men and women, experiencing what it means to be a part of changing the lives of an entire community!

Email Kim Rathgeber at for more information or go to for all upcoming short-term trip dates and locations.

by Kayla Roth
Each year, children lose 443 million school days because of water-related illnesses. Would you help us bring safe water to these kids so they can stay in school and learn to read and write? Just $5 can bring safe water to a student for an entire year. Go to to donate now!

by Kristen Bittel
Today is the last day to sign up for the World Water Day 5k before the price increases! Come join us and hundreds of other safe water advocates as we run and walk to bring hope to a thirsty community in Liberia. Go to for more information!
by Kristen Bittel⠀
Here’s something to start your Monday off with a smile! This is what we call a DEDICATED safe water advocate. Talk about taking the story of the thirsty on the road. We LOVE it!⠀
by @mariterecr⠀
“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”—Psalm 116:7, HCSB

Lettering by Melody (Instagram: @Dreamer8740)
Now is the time to register if you want to be a part of this February’s Pump Camp! Come join us for some hands-on experience where you’ll learn our operations & maintenance skills, and how you can put them to use helping the thirsty. Want to find out more? Email or go to [ Link ] for more information!⠀
Do you have a New Year’s resolution to get in shape? Sign up for the World Water Day 5k and join hundreds of safe water advocates to celebrate the gift of safe water. Your registration will go towards a new water project in Liberia.

by Kristen Bittel
Good news! We have a handful of spots open in one of our El Salvador trips this May! Join us for one life-changing week, bringing safe water to a thirsty community in need.⠀

Email for more information or go to the link in our profile ( for all upcoming short-term trip dates and locations.⠀

by Natalie Hebert
This is your LAST CHANCE TO VOTE for Living Water to win $51,000 for safe water projects! Just 3 clicks and you can save lives! [ Link ]

And don’t forget to leave a comment below with where you’re voting from. We love hearing from our amazing safe water advocates all around the world!
What if you walked into your kitchen this evening only to see a sink filled with dirt, insects, dead fish, and animal dung? Would you plunge your favorite glass into it for a refreshing drink?

For many, this picture represents their daily source of water. Water that, at best, carries harmful bacteria and waterborne disease. Water that, at worst, will eventually cost them their life.

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It’s crunch time! Only five days of voting left to bring us one step closer to providing safe water for the thirsty. Click on this link ( to make an impact now!

Thank you to everyone who has voted and shared about this opportunity for us to win $51,000 for safe water projects.