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Liza Koshy
05/24/2017 at 05:44. Facebook
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M&M's U.S.A. is giving me a bunch of tickets to the MTV Movie and TV Awards and guess what? I want to give them to YOU! Make sure you follow my IG Story tomorrow to figure out how and visit for more! #ad
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YEAH BABY! $1.5 million raised, which helped secure 16.5 million meals! Thanks to YOU for liking, sharing and using #FightHunger, and thanks to Walmart Foundation for their generous donation! But the fight doesnโ€™t stop until hunger is completely fought. So keep fighting and visit [ Link ] to learn more about Walmartโ€™s Fight Hunger, Spark Change campaign! Thank you babes! #sponsored
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I've got no strings, to hold me down. Check out the new #GotNoStrings ad by Beats by Dre! So fun being a part of this. This will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome.
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print a picture, it will last a lot longer | #partner with HP
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We're finally on our Hollywood Adventure! Join us for some MTV and M&M's U.S.A. fun, kids! #ad
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Did we ever make it out of the woods?! I guess I did to be able to share this... Follow our MTV and M&M's U.S.A. adventure, kids! #ad
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Still looking boys! Haha
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Glad we made use of my messed up face!
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