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If you would like get a Personalized Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery Shirt, Sweatshirt or Memorabilia
(ONLY offered in December until the 19th) as that special gift for Christmas, you still have time to get it from the Gift Shop Here on Site. Email TammyLizardLick@gmail.com with what you are looking, your name,...
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Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery | Lizard Lick Towing

Got home late today from work and had told my boy I'd take him squirrel hunting because he'd been begging me to crock pot some for him and the rule is if you want it you have to harvest and clean it and I'll cook it / so I ran inside look all around and couldn't find him till I walked on the back porch - and this was the scene on my porch - I said what are you doing ? Gabe said it's cold dad -...
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Everyone that enters your life brings happiness some when they arrive others when they leave -then there's the select few who bring change within yourself by being themselves like @blackedoutduramaxx (on insta) who came in my life and taught me so many people laugh because we are different we just smile and laugh cause they are all the Same I'm honored to call him #Fam one of the only 3 True...
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Life takes us different directions on different journeys and Different adventures but remember how to get back to the old #DirtRoad for it will always bring you back home #BrotherlyLove #MyBoys #AlwaysProudOfThem
Whoop whoop.... there's a new Sheriff in town! Can't wait for this!!!! #RepoRon #LizardLick #LickLife #Ronism #Amyism #LizardLickTowing