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Check out our latest video recipe by Nutritional Therapist 'The Healthonist'
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***It's Recipe Time***

Our 9th recipe by The Healthonist is simply delicious!!

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and most importantly FLAVOUR! This dish will make any one on that healthy eating January buzz feel happy & satisfied with their choice to eat healthy.

Enjoy this dish as a light lunch for 4, or if you're extra hungry, as a main meal for 2-3 people.

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Get 20% off our newly launched Nua Naturals Smoothie Boosters in store for a limited time only!

Detox Rocks
• Our bodies work so hard for us without asking for anything back so now’s the moment to show it some love! This blend of 9 amazing ingredients have been selected to help your body deal with all that we throw at it.

Energy Booster
• For the Energy Boost blend, 6 incredible...
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Which flavours your favourite?

Get 2 Fulfil Bars for €4 for a limited time only in LloydsPharmacy stores… the must have post gym snack!!

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***It’s Giveaway Time***

Who’d like some Rimmel goodies to make (up) their January blues go away??

We’re giving away this lot to 1 lucky winner!!

To enter, LIKE our page, SHARE this post & COMMENT #Rimmel

T’s & C’s: ROI residents only

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Congratulations to our 3 Bioxsine giveaway winners Michelle Fitzpatrick Goggin, Regina Maher & Leanne Coyne...

PM me to claim your prizes!!

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Heard of our FREE 8 week Change Your Health Direction programme yet?

Get the low down from the lovely Rosemary MacCabe, who we are delighted to be collaborating with over the next few weeks!

Keep up to date with Rosemary’s CYHD journey… she’ll be snapping her visits each week @rosemarymaccabe while also posting updates on Facebook… get all the deatails in her blog post below.

“If you fancy...
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LloydsPharmacy and the Change Your Health Direction programme

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Leave the old you behind…

Ask about our Smoking Control Support Service in store today!

Increase your chances of stopping smoking, with all the expertise and support you need, from LloydsPharmacy! We understand that different things work for different people. So we’ll help you to create the right approach for you and maximise your chances of success.

#ChangeYourHealthDirection #Quit...
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***It's Recipe Time***

Our 8th recipe by Nutritional Therapist, The Healthonist, is an easy to make snack!

These are deliciously crunchy with a hint of sweet and salt, making them ever-so-slightly irresistible so stick to a cupped handful (which provides an average serving). Squirrel them away in your desk drawer and grab a handful during the afternoon to see you through until...
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Beneffect can be taken as a daily supplement, helping the body's health & supporting the digestive system. However it can be particularly useful:

- When travelling: This can mean a change in diet & routine.
- Whilst taking antibiotics: This can lead to the good bacteria being stripped out of the gut.
- During the winter to help prevent coughs, colds etc. This is a time when immunity can be...
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***It's Recipe Time***

Recipe 7 is a deliciously fancy breakfast option... Nuts and seeds offer a variety of health benefits, as well as providing essential fats and protein that help to keep you satisfied between meals, regulate blood sugar and sustain your energy levels.

Check out the full recipe on our LoveLloyds Blog!

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It's important to make the right choices when it comes to your treats!

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Did you know women need twice as much daily iron as men and 1 in 3 women need more iron in their diets?

Our newly launched Active Iron is the only iron formulation designed to protect the gut and target the body’s normal iron gateway.

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Change the way you feel about your hair...

SAVE 25% on the Bioxsine range this month at LloydsPharmacy and see the results for yourself!

#TheHairLossExperts #ThinningHair #HairLoss
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Check out this step by step recipe video for delicious Crispy Turmeric & Lemon Chicken, Green Beans & Sweet Potato Fries!
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***It’s Recipe Time***

We are drooling over our 6th recipe in our Change Your Health Direction series!!!! This dish is high in protein, low in sugar and rich in fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants… and most importantly, super delicious!

#changeyourhealthdirection #thehealthonist #newyearnewyou #experiencehealth #coconutoil #recipes #protein #weightloss...
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Quit the habit for good!

If you are finding stopping smoking difficult, then LloydsPharmacy can help you.

It has been proven that combining Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) with one-to-one support increases your chance of quitting by up to four times more than if you go it alone.

We offer Stop Smoking advice that can support you every step of the way, so what are you waiting...
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The BIG January Sale is now on at your local LloydsPharmacy. Come check out some of our fantastic offers on Clarins, Baylis & Harding, Trilogy, and Human + Kind gift sets!

Hurry while stocks last... these great gift sets won't be around for much longer!!

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Congratulations to our Kinvara Giveaway winner Chels Ni Conchobhair!!!

PM us to claim this wonderful prize... your skin is in for a massive treat :)

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It's that time of the week again ladies... get a MASSIVE 40% off the Tantastic Range in LloydsPharmacy stores now!

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