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Farmer Bruce Currie speaks out against $1B loan from Federal Govt to Adani: "We thought that NAIF was finally going to deliver some much needed infrastructure to revitalise agriculture in our region, but instead it seems like they’re going to blow it on a foreign coal mine".

[ Queenslandcountrylife.com.au Link ]

Opinion | Alpha landholder says don’t waste our infrastructure dollars

Buru Energy (fracking near Broome), is fond of stunts, like drinking a small preprepared sample of water, claimed to contain "fracking fluid", thereby inferring that fracking is safe.

The large quantities used in fracking fluids and in various untested combinations with numerous other chemicals are not safe for humans and the environment if they make their way into water supplies. Buru...
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Anyone interested in buying an accident prone coal seam gas field? Located in the sunny, bushfire prone Pilliga Forest? Santos NSW might be making an exit.

Santos signals possible NSW CSG exit, raising doubts about government gas plan

The South East of South Australia (Limestone Coast) is known for its world famous clean and green produce, including wine, beef, lamb, vegetables, fruit, and crops. Tourism plays an important role, with the UNESCO listed Naracoorte Caves Park, RAMSAR listed Bool Lagoon and Piccaninnie Ponds, the wine trails, beautiful coastal towns, the Blue Lake and other spectacular areas.

Please sign the...
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DON'T SIGN ANYTHING! An important message from the NT. Land access agreements for gas exploration can silence you, remove legal options and put you and your land at risk. Contact a lawyer. Contact your neighbours. Contact us. You're not alone.
Jobs jobs jobs
All Camden want for Christmas is no coal seam gas fields rally outside AGL HQ in Sydney today.
Gautam Adani flies to meet with Malcolm Turnbull and Annastacia Palaszczuk MP to discuss the 1 billion of tax payers' money to help support the world's biggest coal mine.

"Far be it from us to tell to Indian billionaires how to conduct their business, but Gautum Adani might want to consider the optics of his entourage before flying into Australia, cap in hand,

If it were me, for example, and...
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Gina Rinehart's Lakes Oil wants $2.7 billion for depriving the oil and gas company of its opportunity to frack Victoria.

Oil and gas company part owned by Gina Rinehart sues Victoria for $2.7b over fracking ban

Do you care about coal seam gas wells being punched through our aquifers? Protecting the Pilliga is calling for help. Message Santos NSW here.
According to the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), the gas industry’s peak body has claimed the gas industry created an additional 100,000 jobs in 2012. If the gas industry was correct then it would have been responsible for 89 per cent of all additional jobs.

ABS figures show that in 2012 the oil and gas industry increased employment by 5,100 jobs.

Gas industry claims to be a large employer > Check the facts

Wollar resident Bruce Hughes talks at the #SaveWollar rally in Mudgee last week. Communities all through the Hunter Valley are under attack from ever growing coal mines - the scale of which has never been seen before in NSW.
Congratulations to the Standing Rock Sioux and all their supporters who worked together to achieve one of the biggest wins of the year to protect water! #NoDAPL More info: [ Theguardian.com Link ]
You've got to be kidding! Malcolm Turnbull wants to give $1 billion of our hard earned taxes to foreign billionaire Guatam Adani so he can trash our water resources with the Carmichael coal mine. Join us to say #noadanihandouts

Read more: [ Smh.com.au Link ]
30% of the greater Hunter region is earmarked for coal mining or exploration.

The Hunter is a rich agricultural area, with diverse industries, a magnificent river system and endangered woodlands.

But all that is at RISK, coal companies are expanding out into more and more sensitive areas, while at the very same time laying off thousands of workers.

The Hunter Valley has a history of coal...
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Good news! The NT Government has listened to the community and improved the Terms of Reference for the NT Fracking Inquiry so that it must properly assess the risks of shale gasfields.

They have also appointed the very well respected Justice Pepper, from the NSW Land and Environment Court, to Chair the Inquiry.

You can read the Frack Free NT response to the announcements here - [...
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Local group "Land Water Life Manly" hold a stall today at Manly Ocean Care Day, drop by and say hi!
Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch discuss growing petition calling to protect our land and water from coal and gas with NSW Resources Minister Anthony Roberts
Great news: the NSW Opposition has announced it supports buffer zones to protect the critical industry cluster of the Hunter Valley from encroachment by coal mining. Your support will be crucial to efforts by Hunter communities to secure bipartisan support for planning restrictions that protect our sustainable rural industries. Let's do it! [ Lockthegate.org.au Link ]