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02/23/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
#TheBreakdown with Jatt: How SKT Wins Without Reliable Initiation
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The Top 5 #LCSBIGPLAYS from Week 5 of the #EULCS!

Video Collaboration with Diyyo
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Take a closer look at Arrow's performance on Jhin from Phoenix1's week five victory against Team EnVy! #NALCS
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The Penta returns with five more spectacular plays! #ThePenta
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It's IEM week, and Vedius takes a look at potential champion picks to watch - including Warwick, Brand & Aurelion Sol!

What are your #PicksToWatch in the current pro play meta?
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02/19/2017 at 22:38. Facebook
What is it with the #NALCS and Orianna? Hai picks up an impressive Pentakill against TSM!
Bjergsen + Orianna = PENTAKILL #NALCS
Meteos made a splash in his Phoenix1 debut with an outrageous Baron steal as they secured a 2-0 series victory against NV! #NALCS
2017 #NALCS Spring Split Infographic - Week Four
OCELOTE'S BACKDOOR CURSE IS OVER: G2 Esports are just one auto-attack away from losing when Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen turns the game around with a Quadra Kill for the win!
#TheBreakdown with Jatt: the deciding team fight in game 1 between FlyQuest and Cloud9!
Only one team can remain undefeated:

G2 Esports & the Unicorns Of Love clash in the #EULCS Match of the Week today!
2017 #NALCS Spring Split Schedule - Week 5
Mic Check is back! The #EULCS returns tomorrow at 8AM PST / 5PM CET and the #NALCS returns Friday at 3PM PST / 12AM CET!
Take a closer look at Ssumday's performance on Shen from Team Dignitas' week four victory against Team EnVy! #NALCS
Another week brings another incredible edition of The Penta! #ThePenta
2017 #NALCS Spring Split Moments - Week 4

Week five of the #NALCS begins this Friday!
Cloud9 remain undefeated in the 2017 #NALCS Spring Split after defeating FlyQuest in an intense three game series!