What's your company's purpose and how can you translate that into results? Ioannis Ioannou identifies four key principles to keep in mind [ Bit.ly Link ]

Four principles – translating purpose into practice | London Business School

Where do our MBA students go after business school? Around half of our 2016 class went to work outside the UK in 39 countries around the world [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Are you tempted to invest in Bitcoin? Find out why David Pitt-Watson thinks it's a huge gamble: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Betting on Bitcoin is a huge risk | London Business School

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“The rarest commodity in supply chains are professionals who possess both leadership and technical skills” – LBS’s Jérémie Gallien shares three #supplychain hurdles holding businesses back: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Top three supply-chain hurdles holding businesses back | London Business School

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Too busy to innovate? Thomas Zhang’s thought-provoking research in rural India has implications for individuals, companies and policymakers everywhere:
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We're celebrating! It’s 10 years since we opened an LBS campus in Dubai. Find out what we've achieved in the region over the past decade [ Bit.ly Link ]
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London fact: the 'City of London' is actually only 1 square mile. It's both a city and county within the capital London.
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Does your market strategy need a refresh? If so, what is the best approach for your business?

Discover how to develop your organisation's strategy on our Market Driving Strategies programme: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Do you have renewed passion for an idea this year? Find inspiration in how LBS alumnus Tom Vanneste launched his idea of a weather station in Africa to help farmers [ Bit.ly Link ]

Bless the rains down in Africa | London Business School

What did our MBA2016 graduates do next? 94% of them accepted a job offer within three months of graduating with top recruiters from a broad range of sectors – in 58 cities around the world: [ Bit.ly Link ]
What keeps our students busy? 505 speakers and events spanning healthcare, energy and Diwali certainly helps! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Shaping your Experience: Student-led Events « Admissions Office Blog @ LBS | London Business School

LBS's Nicos Savva examines the flaws of online reviews, arguing that crowdsourced information can be misleading: [ Bit.ly Link ]

What’s wrong with online review platforms? | London Business School

Scrap your resolutions if you want 2017 to be your happiest year yet, says LBS’s Madan Pillutla. Here’s why [ Bit.ly Link ]

Scrapping resolutions could leave you happier and healthier | London Business School

Recognise any of these budding business geniuses? We love this picture of LBS students relaxing on campus in the 1980s
“Once you put the social glasses on, you see the world differently” – Nobel Peace Prize laureate and economist Muhammad Yunus upends the idea that the more money you have, the more you get
Will 2017 be as challenging as 2016? Our faculty insights will help you prepare for what's in store [ Bit.ly Link ]

What to expect in 2017 | London Business School

We asked you which domestic asset class you’ve increased your exposure to. Here’s what you told us

Do you want to deepen your understanding of investment management? Find out about our five-day programme for finance professionals [ Bit.ly Link ]
“Choose just one behaviour to focus your energy on over the next 10 weeks to make or break a habit”. See 11 more #tips to make 2017 your best yet: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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12 tips for personal and career growth in 2017

What a year! Here's how we helped you make sense of it all: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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From everyone here at London Business School, have a great festive season! The School is closed until the New Year, so we’ll be back on Facebook 3 January.
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