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The Mini Truck ft.Mini Mathur brings you a food truck with your favorite Bollywood superstars, their food stories and some super recipes! And they all sign off in style with London Dairy Ice-Cream! #HappyEndings #TheMiniTruck

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Come give in to indulgence this weekend at the Indian Derby @ Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai with London Dairy! Special creations just for you.
Welcome an Indulgence filled 2017 with the myriad scoops of London Dairy!!!
#DidYouKnow that every 7th of October, the world honors one of the most versatile drinks ever made? That’s right, Frappe gets its due credit every October with various flavours delicately created for people to indulge in worldwide. You can top this day, by adding a generous piece of London Dairy β€˜Carmelo’ on your Frappe.
Up for some baking? Here’s an awesome Berry Sunday recipe that will make the perfect indulgence. Full recipe here [ Link ]
#DidYouKnow Freeze-dried ice cream made it to a space mission in the year 1968. For the times they got homesick, it provided instant sugar rushes to the astronauts of Apollo 7.
Parfait which means β€˜Perfect’ in French was one of the most consumed desserts of all times. Today, we celebrate National Parfait Day. Grab this rich creamy creation with a scoop of London Dairy Strawberry Cheesecake! Bon Appetite everyone!
Let this Thanksgiving not only be about turkey stuffing, and cranberry sauce, let it also be about tropical style Indulgence.
A simple hello could lead to a million things #WorldHelloDay. From a delightful conversation to scrumptious indulgence. Start something today
This #WorldPeaceDay, take a break and peacefully indulge in a decadent bowl of #LondonDairy icecream!
Bite! Slurp! Chomp! Gobble! And then gradually bring it to an Indulgent closure. #WorldFastFoodDay
Want to have ice-cream without worrying about piling on the extra sugar? With no added sugar and 50% less fat, London Dairy Lite range is your perfect partner for a guilt-free indulgence this World Diabetes Day.
Love peanut butter and icecream? Here’s the perfect treat for you. Try these Peanut butter ice cream pops and indulge in some nutty goodness! [ Link ]
#DidYouKnow that SuperModel Gigi Hadid loves ice-cream so much that she takes them on shoots and at times even on runways. Gigi Hadid loves her mint chocolate chip ice-cream, do you?
Mid-week blues? Let the tropical taste of pineapple coconut ice cream sandwich cheer you up! Read the full recipe here- [ Link ]
Let your taste buds do the happy dance while you indulge in London Dairy’s nutty Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream.
Always under the pressure to look good, Selena Gomez has to forgo many of her favorite foods, but nothing stops her from Indulging in her love for Ice cream. #DidYouKnow
#DidYouKnow that β€˜indulgent ice-creams’ had a whole different meaning in the colonial times in United States. Oyster, Parmesan and Asparagus were some of the popular flavors of those times. Lucky for us, we now have vanilla, strawberry & chocolate!