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Should you tough it out at work if you have symptoms of a cold or flu? We've got you covered.

How to Know When You're Too Sick to Work
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Start 2017 on the right foot. See what we have in store to keep you reaching those goals!

New Year New You at London Drugs
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Have you heard of sprouting? Everyone's talking about this health trend!

LD Picks: Trends in Health & Nutrition for 2017
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January is National Get Organized Month. What is your secret for a clutter-free home or office?

We have a few tricks of our own for 2017!

LD Picks: How to Adult Better This Year for 2017
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It's simple: order online and pick up at your nearest London Drugs store in two hours or less!

Shipping & Delivery
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Try this to give your blender a deep clean in minutes!
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It's time to take centre stage. Enter for a chance to win the new essie collection of Gel Couture Ballerina Nudes from LD Beauty!

Enter for a Chance to WIN an Essie Gel Couture Ballerina Nudes prize pack!
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Case of the Mondays? It's possible to eat, drink and rest your way back from a sleepless night!

How to Recover From a Bad Sleep
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Have you ever tried this cleaning hack on your microwave?

Messy Microwave? We Take Care of That.
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We want to see your #Canada150 photos! Celebrate Canada's 150th by creating your own Photo Calendar. [ Link ]
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Wow! LDExtras member Donna chose a $10,000 holiday shopping spree for her family. Congrats to all our Ultimate Dream Experience winners!

Congratulations to one of our five winners of the LDExtras Win a Dream Experience
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We know you love the feeling of an organized home, but doesn't it feel like a losing battle sometimes?

Here's our secret to start 2017 off right.

LD Picks: How to Adult Better This Year for 2017
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Did you know London Drugs started as a small pharmacy in Vancouver, BC? We've come a long way, but we always recognize the pharmacists who contribute so much.

Happy National Pharmacist Day!

5 Services You May Not Know Your Pharmacist Provides
Even if you're not a vegetarian, you're going to want to make this family-friendly appetizer.

Find the recipe: [ Link ]
Taking care of your skin?
We're here to help you with any resolution!

Get started on your 2017 goals today: [ Link ]
Become an LDExtras member today! Every time you shop at London Drugs, you'll earn Visits to unlock rewards, offers and experiences.

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LDExtras: Rewards Built Around You
2017 is the year to stay organized. Save 50% off your second photolab calendar! [ Link ]
Tackle your clutter problems! Pull yourself (and your home) out from under the mess with these easy tips.

Home Organizing Tips for the 8 Messiest Rooms in Your House
You don't even have to tell your friends it's gluten-free and made with zucchini and plant-based protein.

The Most Delicious (and Healthy) Protein Brownies
It’s not too late! Get your flu shot to prevent yourself (and others) from the seasonal flu this year.

LD Picks: What You Need to Know About Colds and Flu