BBC tests Ed Sheeran on his mathematical skills! Have a watch and see if you can guess the answers quicker than he can...

Ed Sheeran takes a maths test - BBC News
The guide features information from the Skills Funding Agency on what the introduction of the #Apprenticeship Levy will mean for businesses and also provides employers with advice on degree apprenticeships. #LSBFBlog
Employers in the UK are now providing support for their employees by offering wellbeing schemes in the workplace, with stress management seminars, training and annual leave being amongst the schemes that businesses have introduced. Read more in this #LSBFBlog.

Half of employers in UK are introducing wellbeing schemes
The Federation of Small Businesses has brought together local councils to discuss the #Growth of small #Businesses and how they can receive support. They are looking at getting support from a variety of places across the UK. #LSBFBlog

FSB brings together local councils to support small businesses
The main drivers of being an #Entrepreneur is that you can be your own boss and have #Flexible working hours.
Similarly, young workers are found to be drawn to self-employment because of the flexibility. #LSBFBlog

Survey reveals what Brits love about being an entrepreneur
Study shows that only 8 per cent of employees in the infosec industry are women.This industry has a large pay gap with men earning 15.5 per cent more than women despite women being found to be more educated. #LSBFBlog

GCHQ Director calls for more women in cyber security
There is a rise in asset-based #Finance due to traditional sources of finance to boost #Growth and to finance the #Development of new products.
Since last year, large businesses have increased their asset-based finance by 21 per cent.
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Research shows increase in asset-based finance to businesses
We ask a number of tutors here at LSBF what they originally wanted to be when they were younger. Meet Brigita who wanted to be...
Santander UK is aiming to place more focus on #Women this year, planning to run a number of events and initiatives through its Breakthrough programme to support women-led businesses and women who are looking to set up their own #Business. #LSBFBlog

Santander commits to getting more women into business
Data shows that London is still an attractive place to do business, with many SMEs searching for office space in the city towards the end of 2016 and at the beginning of 2017.
Demand for space in London was particularly high among SMEs at the start of 2017, with over 3,000 searches taking place. #LSBFBlog

London remains top location for businesses, research shows
Santander has committed to getting more women into business and helping them to succeed after data showed a shortage of women in managerial roles and female-led businesses.
The data showed that 35 per cent of managerial roles in the UK were held by women, rising from 32 per cent in 2011. #LSBFBlog

Santander commits to getting more women into business
The research, which surveyed 12,000 manufacturers and service providers, found that it has now reached 52 per cent as fears over Brexit begin to subside. #LSBFBlog

Confidence among UK’s private sector firms recovers to strongest level
A national campaign that is led by British #Businesses and aims to end discrimination of pregnant #Women and mothers in the workplace is celebrating reaching 100 members. #LSBFBlog
Over 55% of entrepreneurs in the UK want access to apps that help them with their work life, with #Finance apps being the most favored. #LSBFBlog

UK entrepreneurs want more access to apps, research shows
Research shows a job boost in the #SME sector. One in six small #Businesses will recruit by the end of April 2017. #London, South East, North West and #Scotland are the most popular locations for this over the next three months. #LSBFBlog

Small businesses planning to recruit new staff, research shows
#SME support group Enterprise Nation has launched its annual Festival of #FemaleEntrepreneurs, with the aim of helping women to grow and build their business. #LSBFBlog

Enterprise Nation launches Festival of Female Entrepreneurs
Over 4 million training #Opportunities are going to be created to help people develop #Digital skills and make the #UK the best place for a #Business.
Ranges of brands, companies and organisations will be working together to form a Digital Skills Partnership. This will help raise awareness of training opportunities and allow people to learn the #Skills needed.

Digital Strategy to create over 4 million training opportunities
Women struggle to re-enter #Work due to certain issues they may face. However, Vodafone will be recruiting 1,000 #Women that have taken a break from work to help fix this issue.
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Vodafone to launch world’s largest programme to recruit women
Innovate UK is looking to support projects for emerging technologies, including quantum technologies, 2D materials and synthetic biology, and enabling technologies such as digital, electronics and robotics. #LSBFBlog

Innovate UK to invest £15 million in emerging technologies
2016 was a good year for for accounting and finance, with strong demand in both sectors, as well as showing a rise in the number of senior job roles available. #LSBFBlog

Accountants were in high demand last year, survey shows