When you get catfished on Tinder.
Ross McCarthy
Winston TeWake
Reggie Aiiloilo
Sydney see me live this Monday 24th Enmore Theatre, brand new show for all you sicko's (google it for tickets)
Stephen Ambrose
Reece Boyall
Kellin Behrendorff
Melbourne I'm doing two final shows this Friday/Saturday 9:30pm Athenaeum Theatre. Put the bong down & come have a laugh. (ticket link in comments below)
Loose Aussie - Alex Williamson
Pee Bee
Nick Kattos
When you buy something on eBay.
Dexter Bamford
Kyle Russell
Nonimi Wasala
MELBOURNE i'm coming back this wknd 9:30pm Friday/Saturday Athenaeum Theatre, come laugh & forget about Uncle Steve (Tickets online, google it)
Phillip Constable
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Marc Cleal
Sydney my brand new live show hits Enmore this Monday 24th April (Anzac day the next day= large night) tix online, google it!
Danny Polson
Nikola Loncar
Lauren Ahf
Melbourne I'm coming back this wknd for 2 shows if you missed me over Easter, Friday & Saturday 9:30pm Athenaeum theatre (Tix online, google it)
Korey Stimpy Kakoulidis
Rachael Baker
Greg Tahan
Melbourne last chance to see me tonight, 8:30pm Athenaeum Theatre. Shelve your cadbury's & come on down for a laugh (tix online)
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Melbourne trend-setters & dog cunts, there's some tickets left for tonights show, 9:30pm Athenaeum Theatre (tickets online or on door) Don't miss dat shit.
Iain McLean
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Melbourne, more tickets released for tonights show (9:30pm Athenaeum theatre) also 2moz & Sunday, it'll sell out. Don't miss that shit bruzzzzy.
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Melbourne, only a few chances left to see my new live show this wknd, don't miss me at Comedy Festival! (tickets online)
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Melbourne show tonight, 9:30pm Athenaeum Theatre, better bloody come along aye! (tickets online or on door)
Reece Fay
Georgie Haberdash'ry
Jack Pears
Melbourne show tonight 9:30pm Athenaeum theatre! (tickets on the door or online)
Stefan Kralot
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Jordan Dalord
Bogan Aussie calls India vs Australia (see me live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth: [ Frontiercomedy.com Link ]
Jack Wilson
Tim Best
Mattias Larsson
When parents are tight with money.
Liam Hallett
Gerrit Change
Sheralee Urbanc
Ryan Rigden
Blayne Livingston
Lach Wilson
Bogan Aussie Commentates Football 2017
Matt Lg
Abhimanyu Golchha
Bradden Findlay
What Trump really said to Aussie PM
Brendan Maller
Shaun Hughes
Sophie Iona Butler
When you're a really awkward person.
Michael Routledge
Leah Holden
MatijaΕ‘ Larsovic
Andrew Thurrowgood
Kellin Behrendorff
Daniel Andersen