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Your favorite Sanrio friends are inviting you to join them on a super fun summer #VACATION!

Relax and recharge with EXCLUSIVE collectibles, apparel and accessories featuring Hello Kitty, Keroppi and Tuxedosam!

Subscribe today! loot.cr/grabsanrio
The truth is out there! Get EXCLUSIVE The X-Files loot in April’s #INVESTIGATE Loot Crate! loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate

Get ready for some last minute binge watching! If you want to find out if the truth is out there via streaming on Netflix, you need to do it before April 1st. This is not the first time Netflix has said The X-Files was leaving the streaming service, so we don’t want to be...
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Say Goodbye To Buffy, Because These Beloved Shows Are Leaving Netflix

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Look alive Looters, #PRIMAL challenges have launched!

SPOILER ALERT! Your March crate will be needed to solve the challenges, so if you don’t want the loot to be spoiled, wait until your crate arrives before you click on the challenge pages.

And remember, complete all the Primal challenges by the April 5th deadline to earn exclusive bonus loot* — Good Luck!!! lootcrate.com/keys (*while...
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We've all come to know and love these five faces. Which Stranger Things friend do you think you're most like?

React with your pick, tell us why & tag a friend to see who they are most like!

Get EXCLUSIVE #StrangerThings loot in our #INVESTIGATE Loot Crate! loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate
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Darkness lurks in the most unsuspecting places. Unbox the unexpected with the latest J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World crate, “Dark Arts.” loot.cr/wizardingworld

What is your favorite Draco Malfoy quote?
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We ALL have that one video game/tv show/movie that when we overhear someone mention it, we NEED to join the conversation.

What's your achilles heel of entertainment?

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Something sinister is afoot and Loot Pets by Loot Crate is here to #INVESTIGATE!

We are digging up clues, sniffing out the truth and delivering items to help all the doggy detectives on the case — including an EXCLUSIVE The X-Files pet shirt!

Sign up by April 19th before 9pm PT! loot.cr/petsloot #lootpets
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If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know who your least favorite main characters are, but you may not have given much thought to the secondary characters. So think about it, who do you love to hate?

React with the corresponding emoji and tag a friend to get their vote in too!

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Last week, we went head to head in a Suicide Squad VS Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice face-off. This week, the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel are going cape to cape.

Who is your favorite between the two superheroes?

Enter to our Quantum Mechanix (QMx) Quesdays giveaway to win these black-and-white prints from British illustrator and motion-graphics artist Chris Skinner....
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In space, no one can hear you scream. Unless they're screaming along with you as some kind of monster from beyond the stars tears apart you and your crew.

Anyway. Schmoes Know count down their top five creepy space movies. WATCH: loot.cr/schmoesknow

What is YOUR favorite "creepy space" movie?
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Get in character this month with Loot Wear and jump into this month’s investigation into the supernatural world of Twin Peaks and Resident Evil, keep the bad guys from taking over Gotham City with Batman or solve crime from the comfort of your home with Clue. loot.cr/wearloot

What is your favorite Loot Wear franchise for #INVESTIGATE?
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A puzzling situation. A trail of clues. There are many questions that can only be answered if you #INVESTIGATE. Join us as we salute some of our favorite mystery solvers! loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate

What do you think our EXCLUSIVE t-shirt will be for April's Loot Crate?
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Follow the clues, question the perps and #INVESTIGATE! loot.cr/getdx

April’s Loot Crate DX theme salutes some of our favorite sleuths and crimefighters with items featuring Marvel's Jessica Jones, Marvel's Daredevil, Twin Peaks and Batman including an imposing figure and a secretive wearable!

Which franchise are most looking forward to in #lootcratedx?
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A puzzling situation. A trail of clues. There are many questions that can only be answered if you #INVESTIGATE. loot.cr/gainloot #lootcrate

April's Loot Crate salutes some of our favorite mystery solvers with items from Stranger Things, Batman, The X-Files and Marvel's Jessica Jones that include a figure, detective must-haves and our inexplicably awesome monthly tee and pin!

What are you...
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#MotivationalMonday With Mass Effect: Andromeda releasing this week, we figured you could all use the pep talk. :D

What’s your favorite inspirational speech from a video game, movie or TV show?

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You don’t want to miss out on “Masters of the Mic”, which will feature the first item in our exclusive new collectible toy line!

Created by artist Brian Baity of The Creation Crib, the series is based on the Attitude Era and kicks off with Stone Cold Steve Austin himself! Subscribe to collect all four and complete the ring, only in WWE Slam Crate!

Sign up for “Masters of the Mic” by April...
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Last chance to get EXCLUSIVE Overwatch loot in the #PRIMAL Loot Crate! loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate

"Look out world! Pika-Tracer's here." (Art by: CKibe)

What other Overwatch/Pokémon mashups would you enjoy seeing?

Instagram post by Loot Gaming • Mar 14, 2017 at 5:02pm UTC

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Whew. Talk about a long interview... (via: Pinterest)

Which version of Professor X and Magneto did you like better?

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See something you like? Or perhaps just a blur that seemed mildly interesting? Head to vault.lootcrate.com and check out March’s new items!

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