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This month, Loot Wear is taking you on a wild adventure into the #PRIMAL worlds of #Wolverine, Godzilla, Predator and Ren and Stimpy as well as celebrating the releases of Beauty and the Beast and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Grab PRIMAL Loot Wear: loot.cr/wearlootwear
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Tap into your collector instincts and unleash the beast with #PRIMAL! March’s Loot Crate DX theme features Predator, King Kong, Godzilla and DC Comics’ Animal Man! loot.cr/grabdx

What is your favorite PRIMAL themed movie?
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This month we’re going #PRIMAL and unleashing the beasts of some of pop culture’s most ferocious franchises!

WATCH to see who will be featured in our Loot Crate for March! What do you think our exclusive t-shirt will be?
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That roar in the distance is a call. Will you answer it?

This month we’re going #PRIMAL and unleashing the beasts of some of pop culture’s most ferocious franchises— Overwatch, #Wolverine in celebration of the film #Logan, Jurassic World and Predator. loot.cr/gainloot

What are you most excited about for PRIMAL?
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#MotivationalMonday Here's to another week filled with madness or brilliance.

Tag a friend who walks this fine line.

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Loot Pets by Loot Crate's #MAGICAL crate is back by popular demand!

Head on over to Loot Vault and you can get your pets their very own Doctor Strange ugly sweater t-shirt & Eye of Agamotto collar charm, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy One Ring collar, EXCLUSIVE Steven Universe Cookie Cat Plush and Wizard Wand treats!

What kind of geeky gear would you like to be able to get for your pet?

Loot Pet MAGICAL Crate

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Choose your superhero cat! (via lingvistov.com)

Times almost out to get EXCLUSIVE Batman loot with the #BUILD Loot Crate! loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate
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*Suddenly questioning everything we once knew.*

Who knows what color eyes Harry and Lily had in the books? ;)

Learn more about Loot Crate: loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate
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Step through into the fourth dimension with Theodore Tusk as he unboxes the Loot Anime #DIMENSION crate. Re:Zero, Log Horizon, No Game No Life and Sword Art Online are all on the other side. The other side being this crate. What was your favorite item from the crate?

WATCH: youtube.com/watch?v=OmIterTnnRo

Don't miss out on this month's Loot Anime theme, #TOGETHER! loot.cr/snaganime
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ICYMI: Activision announced that Crash is back! The remastered Crash Bandicoot collection headed to PlayStation 4, arrives on June 30, 2017!

Which of the three games are you most excited about playing in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy?

Tag a friend who hasn't heard the news!
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May the Power protect you this month with our EXCLUSIVE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers loot in the #BUILD Loot Crate!

ONE day is left to sign up to receive loot featuring Batman, Tetris and LEGO Dimensions! loot.cr/gainloot

Who is your favorite LEGO Dimensions character?
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To prepare you for some hands-on fun with our #BUILD crate, we took to our social channels to review the Top Five Loot Crate Designs! loot.cr/catchloot

What has been YOUR favorite crate design?

Friday Five Blog: Top Five Loot Crate Designs | The Daily Crate

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The need to go to London so we can have our own LEGO portrait is STRONG! The new LEGO store in London has a Mosaic Maker Booth that will turn your photo into a Mosaic LEGO set with building instructions.

While this only allows you to do your own portrait, if you could build a portrait of anyone, who would you want to build?

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Have you seen the items that have become available at Loot Vault? We’ve got some Doctor Strange items available in celebration of the DVD release. Also new to Loot Vault t-shirts from past Loot Gaming by Loot Crate and Loot Anime by Loot Crate! Remember, March 14th is when the Vault closes and these items disappear (unless they sell out sooner) so get them while you can!

Out of all our past...
View details ⇨

Loot Vault February 2017 sale is live!

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Friends don’t let friends loot alone. loot.cr/share Refer a friend and they get $5 off their order—and YOU get a $5 credit in return.

What is your favorite geeky or pop culutre franchise?

Learn more about how this works here: loot.cr/referafriend #ShareTheLoot
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There’s some assembly required for February’s theme: #BUILD!
Whether it’s solo or with a team, get hands-on with some of your favorite franchises.

TWO DAYS are left to get yours! loot.cr/grabdx

What do you think the exclusive variant figure will be?
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Get awesome Tetris loot in our #BUILD Loot Crate loot.cr/catchloot and Loot Crate DX loot.cr/getdx! #lootcrate #lootcratedx

Which is your favorite Tetris piece? (Don’t be like that, we know you have a favorite.)

React with the corresponding emoji and tag a friend to get their vote in too!
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#FanFriday Looter Jennifer D. (@octojen) transformed her Action Comics #1 reprint into a pair of geek chic shoes!

While some of you might see this as blasphemy, we're applauding her creativity and uniqueness! What other geeky DIY projects have you done?

Time is running out to get your hands on our #BUILD Loot Crate! loot.cr/catchloot #lootcrate

Instagram post by Jennifer DeNault • Feb 14, 2017 at 4:22am UTC